You do not have to be a model to allow us to help you look great!

If you have specific images in mind – something you have seen in the past or just recently thought about - we will help you to recreate or enhance the idea - starring you! We have a full range of makeup and wardrobe available to meet your requirements.

If you are into fashion, modeling or acting and need images to support your business or fascination - you can count on us for stylish and attractive images that are designed to meet your requirements, budget, and timeline.

We will help you learn the best poses to create the most attractive images for you and will work with you through any concerns you may have. Many people tell us they have never felt so beautiful, sexy or regarded. This means a lot to us.

The makeup and wardrobe we are able to provide is outstanding – or we can work very well with yours! We create and work in a safe place – your comfort; your limits are never compromised. Our post session image processing is unique and is designed to consistently provide beautiful images that are worth keeping and hanging where they can be seen – the colors are great, the clarity, cropping, and the retouching is exceptional.  We take the time to do it right!

Why Straley Photography?

StraleyPhotography provides personal, couples and group photography that is beautiful and customized to the requirements of our clients. We work with you in our studio, your home, at your venue or meeting, or on location. More info available here.

We are highly skilled, extremely reliable, totally focused on your needs, and we use the best in equipment, processes and techniques. We study constantly - style, history, posing, lighting and reflections,  and how to bring you the best in photography at a price to meet your budget.

We primarily shoot Fashion, Glamour and Beauty. We love special projects and creative ideas! You should count on a fun filled, creative, and rewarding experience with us – always, every time!

Satisfaction with the session and the deliverables is assured. We also guarantee discretion and privacy for those who require it.

What do our clients say about us - references matter!

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All the Best,
Michael Straley

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