About Michael and StraleyPhotography.com

I am a photographer living in Grenada. While in Grenada I shoot almost daily with several Agencies, the SpiceMas Corporation (Carnival - I am the official photographer) and several of the Carnival Bands.

StraleyPhotography focuses on making images of people, the events they participate in, and the passions they feel about life.  We provide a safe working environment and superb, high quality images to our clients - whether we are working in our studio, at your location or at an event you are associated with.  We are dependable, honest, and straight forward.  You can count on us to be there for you!


The images we create are known for their brilliant color, their sharpness and focus, and their outstanding overall beauty.  We listen to you, plan and work with you for success – we define success: - an experience that exceeds your expectations and requirements.  



I shoot people - I specialize and focus primarily on individuals, couples and small groups - shooting fashion, portraits, romance, beauty, and glamour.   


I promise – I am different – I will collaborate with you – this is about you! No ego here. If you are a regular person or couple wanting to have fun exploring the creation of images in a safe and warm professional space, if you are a model just getting started with the work, if you have an interesting hobby or profession like participants in the body building contest on my site, or if you are an experienced model wanting to explore an idea - I am your guy! 

Models and Designers - I love to shoot clothes, silks, lace, feathers, and makeup - in colors of all kinds - whatever is not boring!

So contact me ASAP to set up a shoot! If you know someone who needs headshots, cool shots, whatever - please pass on my contact info - if you appreciate the quality of work and my "style" as it were, please help me find great people to work with.



Please note - I do not provide raw images directly out of the camera – all images are color corrected, many have other work done as well. I have excellent retouching services and can also have your favorite image printed on metal or hand-colored onto a canvas.

My professional rates and charges are reasonable, clear and in writing.

Check me out!