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Kimisha P - Reference and Feedback

September 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Kimisha Peters 2017 - 2017 09 08 - 0062-EditKimisha Peters 2017 - 2017 09 08 - 0062-Edit Kimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0097-EditKimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0097-Edit Kimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0215-EditKimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0215-Edit Kimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0312-EditKimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0312-Edit Kimiesha Peters - 2016 08 17 - 0159-EditKimiesha Peters - 2016 08 17 - 0159-Edit


I like the fact that you're a professional photographer. Concerning the images, the final product is always a masterpiece; it reflects the energy and passion you have to what you do.

When comparing those images, in the ones you shoot I can only say so look stunning! The way I would stand out in those images it's just amazing. I have been getting a lot of positive feedbacks from associates and the photos...i just love.

I sure will recommend you.

You'd ensure that you gave a prep-talk which to me helps in calming the nerves, working with you is just so easy for anyone and you have a great personality

I liked that you ensured that I understood exactly what I had to do: the poses; how to angle my body to get the perfect capture...and there's no questioning the feeling of being safe nor of comfort.

Overall, I've been having fun shooting with a matter of fact you made it fun and I will definitely do it again.

I've always been one who's always aware of her physical flaws, however from the images you produce of me I started loving my physic a li'l bit more on each occasion. I like that you will ensure that I'm properly fixed and is set for the shoot.

Thanks much for allowing me to express myself through photography.


Nesta B - Reference and feedback

August 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Nesta Bain - 2017 06 05 - info - 0005Nesta Bain - 2017 06 05 - info - 0005 Nesta Bain - 2017 06 05 - info - 0139-EditNesta Bain - 2017 06 05 - info - 0139-Edit Nesta Bain - 2017 06 05 - info - 0066-EditNesta Bain - 2017 06 05 - info - 0066-Edit Nesta Bain - 2017 06 05 - info - 0188-EditNesta Bain - 2017 06 05 - info - 0188-Edit


Most definitely! I sincerely value and appreciate the quality of images received and with the services that was also rendered.

What stand out most to me through the entire shoot was the manner in which you ensure that I was ready and professionally positioned to be photographed.

The pictures that were photographed of me and those I received was extremely gorgeous. My natural beauty observed in the photos cannot be compared to those that I usually take myself or have a friend take on my behalf. All on all, I love the images.

I received tons of compliments on the quality of images along with way I looked in the images. To the point where I was asked if I'm in the modelling profession. And trust me, being asked that question I felt elated because the images brought out and highlighted my nature beauty and current conditions in a way that I'll forever appreciate. The shoot was a maternity shoot. And one that highlighted that women can me beautiful and sexy while being pregnant. And the work of Michael reinforced that in a remarkable and professional way.

Michael would be my number one to recommend to anyone wishing for a personal or professional photographer. He is professional in all aspects. Whatever type of pictures or shoot you wish to accomplish Michael is and will definitely be the individual for that job. You can drop your guards and just relax and enjoy the shoot. Plus his sense of humor helps you bring out a real, natural and beautiful smile.

Yes you definitely did. And you were on point professionally. Kudos Michael

The session was extremely magnificent. Full of laughter, especially with Dianne their made the whole process felt like a bunch of family out having a fun relaxing morning at the beach. Would I do it again? Most definitely with my eyes closed. Omg, and the makeup artist he select was oh so amazing, Tanie Lane. She was amazing, professional and gentle. Can't wait for my second shoot.






Tianna M - References and Feedback

August 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Teyanna Modeste - 2014 04 18 - 0066Teyanna Modeste - 2014 04 18 - 0066 Teyanna Modeste - 2014 04 18 - 0121Teyanna Modeste - 2014 04 18 - 0121 Teyanna Modeste 2016 04 28 - 0016Teyanna Modeste 2016 04 28 - 0016 Teyanna Modeste 2016 04 28 - 0226-EditTeyanna Modeste 2016 04 28 - 0226-Edit


Yes I do and I think that those pictures change my life that making see how beautiful I am .And I think that u do a great photographer because you did a great job with my photos.

When I put those to picture together even with the makeup I do see the difference and more up graded status than d regular pictures and I do like those that u work on than the clear ones and my like on social media I do get more likes and comments on the photos u work on than those I took by my self .So that is awesome to me

Yes I will recommend u to any one because ur a great person to work with .U are that photographer that make ur models comfortable with every photoshoot and make sure that u ask questions you thinks is most suitable to us .U are a great person to work with because ur a person that is serious about your work a is very hardworking  and is very determined to your work

Yes I do feel comfortable with every photoshoot that we have do you because u are that photographer that make sure that we the model understand every shoot before u start and that we do agree to every term to I did have a challenges cause u make sure u state what we model are about to do which make it much easier to work with and at de end have successfully work dine at d end.

To me it was fun, excited and that it was I will always be new experiences to me which will make me what to do photoshoots like everyday .(happy feeling every time).

I think u should have your own runway to produce ur work more and giving ur models a chance to shine to ur level of work to other poll . U might be Grenada’s best photographer.


Thanks u





Priska L - references and feedback

August 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Priska Lafeuille - 2017 02 25 - 0080Priska Lafeuille - 2017 02 25 - 0080 Priska Lafeuille - 2017 02 25 - 0008Priska Lafeuille - 2017 02 25 - 0008 Priska Lafeuille - 2017 02 25 - 0065Priska Lafeuille - 2017 02 25 - 0065 Priska Lafeuille - 2017 02 25 - 0063Priska Lafeuille - 2017 02 25 - 0063

Indeed, I most definitely valued the high quality images and expert service, received from Straley Photography. The pre-shoot schedule/ location/ set/ assistance/ wardrobe "run through" was extremely helpful. The actual shoot was "a breeze". I was particularly amazed at Michael's ability to keep my three year old son focused throughout the duration of the shoot. It takes an expert professional to keep a toddler, cheerful, calm and focused on a photoshoot.

I absolutely loved the images captured! They were of high clarity and quality. I have done photoshoots prior, with other photographers and I'm elated to say, Straley Photography is a cut above the rest. Once the images we're posted on social media, there was a lot of positive feedback (via written comments and emoticons). Prior to the shoot being done and after the images were posted, many persons were surprised that Straley Photography did family portrait photoshoots. Yes. Straley Photography does that :)

I would recommend you to a friend(s) and I already have. I would let them know if they're looking for high quality imagery and a professional photographer, Straley Photography should be their first choice. It would have been great to know that you are so good with keeping fussy toddlers so calm and comfortable. If I had known, I would have chosen some kid friendly and "playful" locations like the park or beach :)

The pre- planning in advance for the shoot was well detailed and interpreted. I appreciated your queries of any questions, personal or additional input I may have had, for the shoot. My son and I felt safe and comfortable, the process wasn't "forced”, we just had fun being ourselves, while you snapped away. It was actually the most comfortable shoot I've experienced, more so special, that I got to share it with my son :)

The session was superb! The experience, exciting and rewarding. The images were more breathtaking than I imagined they'd be. My son and I had so much fun ( so much so, that he asks me from time to time, when is Michael coming to take us for photos). I would absolutely love to do it again and I am planning to- soon



Tiamada - References and Feedback

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Tiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0118-EditTiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0118-Edit Tiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0214Tiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0214 Tiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0100Tiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0100


Lol I look like a Barbie.  I’ve always known myself to be beautiful but the pictures gave my look a boost. I love seeing myself in the pictures.

I would recommend you to a friend. You're fun to work with and even tho you may be harsh sometimes its only for the best.  You're  not like most photographers who just wants to take pictures. You're awesome. You aim to bring out the best in a model. 10/10

I felt really safe and comfortable. You let me know in advance what you were looking for and even when I didn't get it right. You were patient with me. You helped me a lot and I appreciate it.

It was a lot of fun. I got mad at you a bit though but it was worth it. Lol. And yes I would love to do it again.


Tehera - References and Feedback

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Tehera Charles - 2017 05 24 - 0047-EditTehera Charles - 2017 05 24 - 0047-Edit Tehera Charles - 2017 05 24 - 0588-EditTehera Charles - 2017 05 24 - 0588-Edit Tehera Charles 2015 09 25 - 0416-EditTehera Charles 2015 09 25 - 0416-Edit Tehera Charles 2015 09 25 - 0107-EditTehera Charles 2015 09 25 - 0107-Edit


I do value the images and service , the quality of the images are excellent well edited and properly put together ,I also love the fact that you did not just post the pictures you took time to say what you love about the images and also give the images a description  .the services you gave was great I must say I enjoyed every moment of it you chat, laugh and made me personally feel welcome thank you. :)  

The images was "eye catching " I took 20mins or more looking at one image ,I loved it I've took images before and there's no way they looked like that I was shock looking at myself in those images was looking at a professional model, my friends loved it, my family loved it persons I don’t know even complemented me on them and am sure even my haters love it ha to end it of I'll say like is and under statement I LOVE it...thank you  

YES you are THEEE best photographer I've ever known so I would recommend you to a friend in fact I already recommend you to some of my friends, I told them you're great, honest ,fun ,respectful and a professional photographer .I also think people will care as a photographer the way you handle your images the background you'll choose for certain images to be great. Your strength is working along with the models very well thus what most persons will love a comfortable photographer .    

My first shoot with you and I felt more then comfortable even if we had some problems in terms of the type of shoots I wanted to do which was totally my fault but we talk it over an I was able to get some great images at the end an I thank you so much for that experience overall I thought everything was okay I felt safe an was everything I was expecting .      

I will loveee to do more images with you in fact I wish I could have you as my personal photographer ,I enjoyed it so much I had lots of fun and yes it was exciting if I do get that opportunity again I would love if we choose a different location it could be in my country or even in a different country the Caribbean has so many beautiful places to take great images that would be great we could work together in terms of getting places to stay etc. I will love that.  

I wish I had taken some images in the pool ha ha and I also wish we had more time .. no favor in return you have already given me those great images … thank you




Tanisha - Reference and Feedback

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Tanisha Sampson 2015 09 17 - 0584-Edit-Edit-2Tanisha Sampson 2015 09 17 - 0584-Edit-Edit-2 Tanisha Sampson 2015 09 17 - 0814Tanisha Sampson 2015 09 17 - 0814 Tanisha Sampson 2015 09 24 - 0007-Edit-3Tanisha Sampson 2015 09 24 - 0007-Edit-3 Tanisha Sampson 2016 01 05 - 62Tanisha Sampson 2016 01 05 - 62 Tanisha Sampson - 2016 01 30- 0088-EditTanisha Sampson - 2016 01 30- 0088-Edit


I love them because I love so amazing and the fact that they look fun some of them you can tell so many stories about that and how I feel

Everybody loves them I love them myself most people would be like that not you and I always got to defend myself every single time and I love that to the fact that its going to be a positive feedback and I love that I'm getting the confidence to continue doing what I love and to taking next steps

I will tell them good for it because you are so easy to work with because you teach us at the same them you allow us to be our self what to look forward to from other photographers oh and you are easy to connect to that you should put your trust in him he will do wonders it’s a great investment

Yes I knew what to expect from the photoshoot I felt so safe it’s like we click as the say and not many people I do that with and I am looking forward to many other shoots in the near future I went there with and open mind expecting anything

everything was awesome the images was phenomenal and breathe taking the session was full of energy and life and I would love to do it again and again thanks a lot


Synovia - Reference and Feedback

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Synovia Owens  2015 12 06 - 0456-EditSynovia Owens 2015 12 06 - 0456-Edit Synovia 2013 10 18 - 0271-EditSynovia 2013 10 18 - 0271-Edit Synovia Owens 2013 08 04  - 0281-EditSynovia Owens 2013 08 04 - 0281-Edit Synovia Owens 2013 08 04  - 0195-Edit v2 bokehSynovia Owens 2013 08 04 - 0195-Edit v2 bokeh


I value all of the images and services I received. I had a great experience. As a model it is important for me to have up to date photos of myself for my portfolio. All of my images are great!

In the photos I see a very sexy sultry side of myself. I look very nature in person. Not much make up. In my photos I look very high fashion. That is exactly want I wanted from the photo shoot

I would recommend a friend to you. Or you to a friend. You know how to make a person feel comfortable and pretty. I know anyone would love the photos you take of them.  

Yes I knew what to expect from the photo shoot because we worked together before. It was a new experience to have more people involved with our photo shoot because it's usually just the two of us. But it was a nice experience

The shoot was fun. I enjoyed working on a studio.  And working with new people. It's always good to expand and get to know more people in the fashion industry


Sonica - References and Feedback

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

_MS47905_MS47905 Sonica 2013 01 01 - 0446-Edit-2Sonica 2013 01 01 - 0446-Edit-2 Model shoot gravel yard 2012 01 07 -  218Model shoot gravel yard 2012 01 07 - 218 Sonica Price 2015 04 05 - 0045-EditSonica Price 2015 04 05 - 0045-Edit


I get the best reviews from my audience from the pictures

Of course I love my images. My friends love them too

Michael is a great photographer. He will make you feel comfortable and also give some valuable tips

the only surprise that I get every single time is that my pictures are magnifique

Sessions with Michael are such a breeze. Comfortable and relaxed. Would do anytime


Rhondella - Reference and Feedback

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Rhiondella Guishard - 2016 02 16 - 0165-EditRhiondella Guishard - 2016 02 16 - 0165-Edit Rhiondella Guishard - 2016 02 16 - 0225-EditRhiondella Guishard - 2016 02 16 - 0225-Edit Rhiondella Guishard - 2016 02 16 - 0308-EditRhiondella Guishard - 2016 02 16 - 0308-Edit Rhiondella Guishard - 2016 02 16 - 0410-EditRhiondella Guishard - 2016 02 16 - 0410-Edit


Yes I do value and services of the images received by you .  I value them because the level of professionalism is high.

Yes, I like them. Yes, others liked it.  Especially friends and family.

Yes I will tell friends about you.

Yes I felt safe.

Yes I enjoyed the session it was very excited and interesting. It was also very educational learnt..

Yes I would love to take photos with you again


Nissa - Feedback and References

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Nissa August - 2016 01 24 - 0046Nissa August - 2016 01 24 - 0046 Nissa August - 2016 01 24 - 0120-EditNissa August - 2016 01 24 - 0120-Edit Nissa August - 2016 01 24 - 0348-Edit-2Nissa August - 2016 01 24 - 0348-Edit-2 Nissa August - 2016 01 24 - 0291-EditNissa August - 2016 01 24 - 0291-Edit

Yes I did.  The Prep Talk, Advice and how to pose were really helpful. As you can see in some of my pics I got the hang of it. My Pics came out lovely.

I Looked much prettier and the quality was exceptionally way better than a phone camera. I Like them, other people liked them and I got lots of compliments.

I guess what's different is that I'm normally 'boy-ish', so lots of people probably expected my sis to be modelling instead.

Yes I would recommend you to another. Your work is good quality. I would also tell them to - " Do what makes you comfortable and wear whatever makes you comfortable. Stay in your Zone. Don't dare bother to feel pressured to pose or wear anything you don't like or feel comfortable in. :) Do You. You absolutely would have Fun. Trust ME. "

I got offered for a photoshoot, so I didn't select between any photographers. You were great.

Yes you did.  I felt a Little Safe and Uncomfortable, especially when you kept on referring me to the lace wear that I already stated earlier on before the shoot , that I didn't want to wear.  Also, when u referred to me with the sheet blowing in the wind naked. I'm not comfortable with those. The pictures of other models who did it came out LOVELY, but that's not for me.  I'll stay in my zone.

The challenges I was concerned about was If I'd look good in my clothes?, would I be able to pose?, would my anxiety and nervousness get out of control?, and would I look Beautiful?

One surprise was that Everything came out GREAT!

The session was good and fun.  It was exciting and I'm skeptical about doing it again.  I'm very Indecisive.

I didn't know I needed to shave my legs, I barely have hair on my legs. So I didn't see the need to , nonetheless I really didn't know. But My Photos came out great! even though I didn't shave my legs.
















































Litecia - Reference and Feedback

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Litecia Gabriel - 2016 03 14 - 0677Litecia Gabriel - 2016 03 14 - 0677 Litecia Gabriel - 2016 03 14 - 0497-EditLitecia Gabriel - 2016 03 14 - 0497-Edit Litecia Gabriel - 2016 03 14 - 0427Litecia Gabriel - 2016 03 14 - 0427

Yes I do enjoy it to the fullest .

I liked that it is clean n clear . There are some beautiful n awesome pictures , these pictures are the best I ever taken.


When they come tell me that they like my pictures. My respond to them was that , yes it is great because hard work brings success.  You all can do the same , if u all make your mind up for it.

Well u will make a great photographer, because u have good understanding n take really good pics.

Yes I feel  like if we was friends from the beginning.

My great pictures.

Yes I had a lot of fun.

Yes I will loveeeeee to.


Kiki - References and Feedback

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0096Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0096 Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0176Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0176 Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0285-EditKiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0285-Edit Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0431-EditKiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0431-Edit

Yes I did.....I particularly liked the way the pictures came out wasn’t expecting them to be so good....the pictures told a story jus by one look....n I couldn’t have done that without your help......thank you.

I looked totally different from normal pics....couldn’t believe that was me......I didn’t like them I love them........

I would tell them that your a great photographer......lovely to work with n u explain things very well.....your good at what u do...n its shows when u received your results.


I would have like to know about your past experiences that brought u to where u are today.

Yes I felt safe n comfortable. ....yes some of my poses.....yes I was surprised at the way my pics came out....they were beautiful. ...

Yes it was lots of fun n exciting....I would love to do it again

Yes I would like some more of my pics to be posted on I think I tried my best for the first time n amma be better next time.....yes I think I  am helping by making people on fb see that u take beautiful pictures. .....u can by posting more pics....Thank u!!!!


Kasia - References and Feedback

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Kasia Goddard - 2016 02 01 - 0275 v2-EditKasia Goddard - 2016 02 01 - 0275 v2-Edit Kasia Goddard - 2016 02 01 - 0059 v2-EditKasia Goddard - 2016 02 01 - 0059 v2-Edit Kasia Goddard - 2016 02 01 - 0133 v2-EditKasia Goddard - 2016 02 01 - 0133 v2-Edit Kasia Goddard - 2016 02 01 - 0191 v2Kasia Goddard - 2016 02 01 - 0191 v2

I did enjoy the quality produced and the services offered. I went to a photoshoot and I also got a lighting class and model tips which was great.

I was pleased and a bit shocked with the images produced compared to my natural face. The lighting really brought out my face and skin, and I really liked that.  Although I loved the photos, I was a tad unpleased the selection of one or two that were in the facebook album.

I would recommend you to a friend.

Enough information was given through the links to your page on what is expected, what to bring, how to prepare etc. which was very good seeing that I hadn't the finest clue as to how to prepare for the shots.

It was fun and thrilling. A truly remarkable experience. I would do it again.





Jeriel - References and Feedback

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0150-Edit-2Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0150-Edit-2 Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0164Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0164 Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0399-Edit-2Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0399-Edit-2 Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0426-2Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0426-2


I particularly loved all the images. I had a wonderful time shooting with you.
I loved how we had a story to tell our audience and how you chose the image that is best to reveal that story.

My images were amazing. People really liked them. I would not normally snap a picture posing in so much different ways. I would most times just post a selfie. So my friends were amazed by the level of professionalism in all the pictures. I also was stunned by how great I looked.

You are an amazing photographer. I have noticed that you always go all out when getting the perfect shot. I would recommend. Your rules helped me a lot.

When I first got there I thought it was just me posing and you snapping. I learned about lights, your rules and I've been putting them into practice. At the end of the shoot I felt a lot more comfortable than our first few shots.

I had a lot of fun in the session. It was interesting how I transformed from when I first walked in. I would love to attend another shoot. It was really exciting.