How Would You Pose In Front Of A Mirror?

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I'm putting together a new personal photography project.  I plan to be shooting scenes of 

approximately 15 different people and play with light and with their reflections in a mirror. The end result will be a collection of images made from the scenes that we make together called Reflections In Glass – or something like that.


The Big Idea

The mirror is a standup mirror and you can potentially work in front of it, next to it, partially behind it - as long as somehow I can see some or all of your image reflected in the mirror glass. I purchased this mirror in a store that imports items from Bali and fell in love with it at first sight.  It's rather delicate but I think it's got some magic in the way it looks. The mirror (without you in it) looks like this. We can do this work in my studio, in your home, in my home, or some other safe location (inside) that you choose. I do not want the mirror to be outside in the rain or wind.
The background for the scene can be plain and simple or it can be really elegant and glamorous – we will choose it together when planning this shoot.  I'll provide professional studio lighting during our session – I am thinking that the session will be with one person but I am open for a discussion with you about with multiple people.  The focus I am looking for is on the emotions of the model seeing their image, and working with it, having fun with it, and capturing the reflections of all of this in the glass.

Is This For You?

I need models who can express emotions, wonder, and delight and who are comfortable in their body.  The shoot will not be overtly sexual, but I do expect it will probably be pretty sensual – how could it not be? 
The set attire is lingerie with you wearing items such as a corset, teddy, camisole, or anything else lacy, silky and slinky with stockings and high heels. You may bring silk robes, wraps, hats or other similar things with you as props. 
This is a TF shoot which means that I will not be paying you for your time and you will not be paying me for the images we create.  The selections I make of the images will be provided in either black and white or color depending on what looks best and you'll be able to use them for your 
personal use.  You will be able to purchase prints if you so desire.

How to Take Part

If you are genuinely interested in trying this, or if you know someone who would be interested please contact me to discuss this sooner than later.
If you would like to continue the session with other similar work I will provide a 50% discount on the price of that session to you as well – so it is potentially a pretty great deal even if you are not totally into mirrors.  There is however no pressure to continue or to do anything else.
If we just shoot with the mirror there is no cost to you. You need to be over 18 and if you bring a chaperone they must be over 18 also.
Please let me know if you are interested – once the project has been completed this type of work goes back to the regular studio session price which begins at $250 for the 2 hour session fee.
The image above is a test image for this project made with a wonderful friend.
Below is a site where I am going to store the images I have selected for my project.  They are not downloadable and have not been provided to the models.




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