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Yes I value the images I received from StraleyPhotography.  These images brought out who you really are even thou u had little or no experience They make you appear to the general public as a professional model.

I look as a barbie compared to normal photo but however there isn’t much difference in my physical and facial appearance as we as with my normal photos. The remarks am receiving from other individuals is tremendously shocking, they believe that I will soon become Carriacou Next Top Model

I would like them to know that doing a basic fashion shoot is not all about the clothes its majority about the experience, the message, selling and portraying the product to its potential buyers...

Yes I would recommend you to a friend. I will tell that this basic fashion shoot is an experience is getting to know who you really are especially if you want to enter the modelling arena. I believe knowing the four rules would have been great....but on the other hand it was interesting learning it from the photographer.

Yes I felt safe and comfortable compared to what individuals told me.  No I wasn’t concern about any challenges.

The session was extremely fun.  Yes it was more than I ever imagine



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