Jeriel - References and Feedback

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Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0150-Edit-2Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0150-Edit-2 Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0164Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0164 Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0399-Edit-2Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0399-Edit-2 Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0426-2Jeriel Reuben - 2016 02 11 - 0426-2


I particularly loved all the images. I had a wonderful time shooting with you.
I loved how we had a story to tell our audience and how you chose the image that is best to reveal that story.

My images were amazing. People really liked them. I would not normally snap a picture posing in so much different ways. I would most times just post a selfie. So my friends were amazed by the level of professionalism in all the pictures. I also was stunned by how great I looked.

You are an amazing photographer. I have noticed that you always go all out when getting the perfect shot. I would recommend. Your rules helped me a lot.

When I first got there I thought it was just me posing and you snapping. I learned about lights, your rules and I've been putting them into practice. At the end of the shoot I felt a lot more comfortable than our first few shots.

I had a lot of fun in the session. It was interesting how I transformed from when I first walked in. I would love to attend another shoot. It was really exciting.



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