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Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0096Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0096 Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0176Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0176 Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0285-EditKiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0285-Edit Kiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0431-EditKiki Joseph - 2016 03 15 - 0431-Edit

Yes I did.....I particularly liked the way the pictures came out wasn’t expecting them to be so good....the pictures told a story jus by one look....n I couldn’t have done that without your help......thank you.

I looked totally different from normal pics....couldn’t believe that was me......I didn’t like them I love them........

I would tell them that your a great photographer......lovely to work with n u explain things very well.....your good at what u do...n its shows when u received your results.


I would have like to know about your past experiences that brought u to where u are today.

Yes I felt safe n comfortable. ....yes some of my poses.....yes I was surprised at the way my pics came out....they were beautiful. ...

Yes it was lots of fun n exciting....I would love to do it again

Yes I would like some more of my pics to be posted on I think I tried my best for the first time n amma be better next time.....yes I think I  am helping by making people on fb see that u take beautiful pictures. .....u can by posting more pics....Thank u!!!!



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