Nesta B - Reference and feedback

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Most definitely! I sincerely value and appreciate the quality of images received and with the services that was also rendered.

What stand out most to me through the entire shoot was the manner in which you ensure that I was ready and professionally positioned to be photographed.

The pictures that were photographed of me and those I received was extremely gorgeous. My natural beauty observed in the photos cannot be compared to those that I usually take myself or have a friend take on my behalf. All on all, I love the images.

I received tons of compliments on the quality of images along with way I looked in the images. To the point where I was asked if I'm in the modelling profession. And trust me, being asked that question I felt elated because the images brought out and highlighted my nature beauty and current conditions in a way that I'll forever appreciate. The shoot was a maternity shoot. And one that highlighted that women can me beautiful and sexy while being pregnant. And the work of Michael reinforced that in a remarkable and professional way.

Michael would be my number one to recommend to anyone wishing for a personal or professional photographer. He is professional in all aspects. Whatever type of pictures or shoot you wish to accomplish Michael is and will definitely be the individual for that job. You can drop your guards and just relax and enjoy the shoot. Plus his sense of humor helps you bring out a real, natural and beautiful smile.

Yes you definitely did. And you were on point professionally. Kudos Michael

The session was extremely magnificent. Full of laughter, especially with Dianne their made the whole process felt like a bunch of family out having a fun relaxing morning at the beach. Would I do it again? Most definitely with my eyes closed. Omg, and the makeup artist he select was oh so amazing, Tanie Lane. She was amazing, professional and gentle. Can't wait for my second shoot.







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