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Yes I did.  The Prep Talk, Advice and how to pose were really helpful. As you can see in some of my pics I got the hang of it. My Pics came out lovely.

I Looked much prettier and the quality was exceptionally way better than a phone camera. I Like them, other people liked them and I got lots of compliments.

I guess what's different is that I'm normally 'boy-ish', so lots of people probably expected my sis to be modelling instead.

Yes I would recommend you to another. Your work is good quality. I would also tell them to - " Do what makes you comfortable and wear whatever makes you comfortable. Stay in your Zone. Don't dare bother to feel pressured to pose or wear anything you don't like or feel comfortable in. :) Do You. You absolutely would have Fun. Trust ME. "

I got offered for a photoshoot, so I didn't select between any photographers. You were great.

Yes you did.  I felt a Little Safe and Uncomfortable, especially when you kept on referring me to the lace wear that I already stated earlier on before the shoot , that I didn't want to wear.  Also, when u referred to me with the sheet blowing in the wind naked. I'm not comfortable with those. The pictures of other models who did it came out LOVELY, but that's not for me.  I'll stay in my zone.

The challenges I was concerned about was If I'd look good in my clothes?, would I be able to pose?, would my anxiety and nervousness get out of control?, and would I look Beautiful?

One surprise was that Everything came out GREAT!

The session was good and fun.  It was exciting and I'm skeptical about doing it again.  I'm very Indecisive.

I didn't know I needed to shave my legs, I barely have hair on my legs. So I didn't see the need to , nonetheless I really didn't know. But My Photos came out great! even though I didn't shave my legs.

















































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