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Indeed, I most definitely valued the high quality images and expert service, received from Straley Photography. The pre-shoot schedule/ location/ set/ assistance/ wardrobe "run through" was extremely helpful. The actual shoot was "a breeze". I was particularly amazed at Michael's ability to keep my three year old son focused throughout the duration of the shoot. It takes an expert professional to keep a toddler, cheerful, calm and focused on a photoshoot.

I absolutely loved the images captured! They were of high clarity and quality. I have done photoshoots prior, with other photographers and I'm elated to say, Straley Photography is a cut above the rest. Once the images we're posted on social media, there was a lot of positive feedback (via written comments and emoticons). Prior to the shoot being done and after the images were posted, many persons were surprised that Straley Photography did family portrait photoshoots. Yes. Straley Photography does that :)

I would recommend you to a friend(s) and I already have. I would let them know if they're looking for high quality imagery and a professional photographer, Straley Photography should be their first choice. It would have been great to know that you are so good with keeping fussy toddlers so calm and comfortable. If I had known, I would have chosen some kid friendly and "playful" locations like the park or beach :)

The pre- planning in advance for the shoot was well detailed and interpreted. I appreciated your queries of any questions, personal or additional input I may have had, for the shoot. My son and I felt safe and comfortable, the process wasn't "forced”, we just had fun being ourselves, while you snapped away. It was actually the most comfortable shoot I've experienced, more so special, that I got to share it with my son :)

The session was superb! The experience, exciting and rewarding. The images were more breathtaking than I imagined they'd be. My son and I had so much fun ( so much so, that he asks me from time to time, when is Michael coming to take us for photos). I would absolutely love to do it again and I am planning to- soon




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