Synovia - Reference and Feedback

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Synovia Owens  2015 12 06 - 0456-EditSynovia Owens 2015 12 06 - 0456-Edit Synovia 2013 10 18 - 0271-EditSynovia 2013 10 18 - 0271-Edit Synovia Owens 2013 08 04  - 0281-EditSynovia Owens 2013 08 04 - 0281-Edit Synovia Owens 2013 08 04  - 0195-Edit v2 bokehSynovia Owens 2013 08 04 - 0195-Edit v2 bokeh


I value all of the images and services I received. I had a great experience. As a model it is important for me to have up to date photos of myself for my portfolio. All of my images are great!

In the photos I see a very sexy sultry side of myself. I look very nature in person. Not much make up. In my photos I look very high fashion. That is exactly want I wanted from the photo shoot

I would recommend a friend to you. Or you to a friend. You know how to make a person feel comfortable and pretty. I know anyone would love the photos you take of them.  

Yes I knew what to expect from the photo shoot because we worked together before. It was a new experience to have more people involved with our photo shoot because it's usually just the two of us. But it was a nice experience

The shoot was fun. I enjoyed working on a studio.  And working with new people. It's always good to expand and get to know more people in the fashion industry



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