Tanisha - Reference and Feedback

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I love them because I love so amazing and the fact that they look fun some of them you can tell so many stories about that and how I feel

Everybody loves them I love them myself most people would be like that not you and I always got to defend myself every single time and I love that to the fact that its going to be a positive feedback and I love that I'm getting the confidence to continue doing what I love and to taking next steps

I will tell them good for it because you are so easy to work with because you teach us at the same them you allow us to be our self what to look forward to from other photographers oh and you are easy to connect to that you should put your trust in him he will do wonders it’s a great investment

Yes I knew what to expect from the photoshoot I felt so safe it’s like we click as the say and not many people I do that with and I am looking forward to many other shoots in the near future I went there with and open mind expecting anything

everything was awesome the images was phenomenal and breathe taking the session was full of energy and life and I would love to do it again and again thanks a lot



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