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I do value the images and service , the quality of the images are excellent well edited and properly put together ,I also love the fact that you did not just post the pictures you took time to say what you love about the images and also give the images a description  .the services you gave was great I must say I enjoyed every moment of it you chat, laugh and made me personally feel welcome thank you. :)  

The images was "eye catching " I took 20mins or more looking at one image ,I loved it I've took images before and there's no way they looked like that I was shock looking at myself in those images was looking at a professional model, my friends loved it, my family loved it persons I don’t know even complemented me on them and am sure even my haters love it ha to end it of I'll say like is and under statement I LOVE it...thank you  

YES you are THEEE best photographer I've ever known so I would recommend you to a friend in fact I already recommend you to some of my friends, I told them you're great, honest ,fun ,respectful and a professional photographer .I also think people will care as a photographer the way you handle your images the background you'll choose for certain images to be great. Your strength is working along with the models very well thus what most persons will love a comfortable photographer .    

My first shoot with you and I felt more then comfortable even if we had some problems in terms of the type of shoots I wanted to do which was totally my fault but we talk it over an I was able to get some great images at the end an I thank you so much for that experience overall I thought everything was okay I felt safe an was everything I was expecting .      

I will loveee to do more images with you in fact I wish I could have you as my personal photographer ,I enjoyed it so much I had lots of fun and yes it was exciting if I do get that opportunity again I would love if we choose a different location it could be in my country or even in a different country the Caribbean has so many beautiful places to take great images that would be great we could work together in terms of getting places to stay etc. I will love that.  

I wish I had taken some images in the pool ha ha and I also wish we had more time .. no favor in return you have already given me those great images … thank you





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