Tiamada - References and Feedback

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Tiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0118-EditTiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0118-Edit Tiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0214Tiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0214 Tiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0100Tiamada Robertson 2015 09 18 - 0100


Lol I look like a Barbie.  I’ve always known myself to be beautiful but the pictures gave my look a boost. I love seeing myself in the pictures.

I would recommend you to a friend. You're fun to work with and even tho you may be harsh sometimes its only for the best.  You're  not like most photographers who just wants to take pictures. You're awesome. You aim to bring out the best in a model. 10/10

I felt really safe and comfortable. You let me know in advance what you were looking for and even when I didn't get it right. You were patient with me. You helped me a lot and I appreciate it.

It was a lot of fun. I got mad at you a bit though but it was worth it. Lol. And yes I would love to do it again.



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