Tianna M - References and Feedback

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Teyanna Modeste - 2014 04 18 - 0066Teyanna Modeste - 2014 04 18 - 0066 Teyanna Modeste - 2014 04 18 - 0121Teyanna Modeste - 2014 04 18 - 0121 Teyanna Modeste 2016 04 28 - 0016Teyanna Modeste 2016 04 28 - 0016 Teyanna Modeste 2016 04 28 - 0226-EditTeyanna Modeste 2016 04 28 - 0226-Edit


Yes I do and I think that those pictures change my life that making see how beautiful I am .And I think that u do a great photographer because you did a great job with my photos.

When I put those to picture together even with the makeup I do see the difference and more up graded status than d regular pictures and I do like those that u work on than the clear ones and my like on social media I do get more likes and comments on the photos u work on than those I took by my self .So that is awesome to me

Yes I will recommend u to any one because ur a great person to work with .U are that photographer that make ur models comfortable with every photoshoot and make sure that u ask questions you thinks is most suitable to us .U are a great person to work with because ur a person that is serious about your work a is very hardworking  and is very determined to your work

Yes I do feel comfortable with every photoshoot that we have do you because u are that photographer that make sure that we the model understand every shoot before u start and that we do agree to every term to I did have a challenges cause u make sure u state what we model are about to do which make it much easier to work with and at de end have successfully work dine at d end.

To me it was fun, excited and that it was I will always be new experiences to me which will make me what to do photoshoots like everyday .(happy feeling every time).

I think u should have your own runway to produce ur work more and giving ur models a chance to shine to ur level of work to other poll . U might be Grenada’s best photographer.


Thanks u






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