Kimisha P - Reference and Feedback

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I like the fact that you're a professional photographer. Concerning the images, the final product is always a masterpiece; it reflects the energy and passion you have to what you do.

When comparing those images, in the ones you shoot I can only say so look stunning! The way I would stand out in those images it's just amazing. I have been getting a lot of positive feedbacks from associates and the photos...i just love.

I sure will recommend you.

You'd ensure that you gave a prep-talk which to me helps in calming the nerves, working with you is just so easy for anyone and you have a great personality

I liked that you ensured that I understood exactly what I had to do: the poses; how to angle my body to get the perfect capture...and there's no questioning the feeling of being safe nor of comfort.

Overall, I've been having fun shooting with a matter of fact you made it fun and I will definitely do it again.

I've always been one who's always aware of her physical flaws, however from the images you produce of me I started loving my physic a li'l bit more on each occasion. I like that you will ensure that I'm properly fixed and is set for the shoot.

Thanks much for allowing me to express myself through photography.



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