Exploring The Power Within Us


This concept came to me one night late after a wonderful event that got me in around 1AM – the details of the concept kept me up the rest of the night until light just trying to conceptualize it.  Some of us are slower than others I guess.

I would appreciate any thoughts, details, or recommendations for models, volunteers etc.  Lay it on me!

I will shoot ten models TF who agree to the criteria as follows.  The images will be posed in groups related to boudoir, some on my site and hopefully will be displayed in a gallery as part of a collection.

Models who want to do this work will receive recognition and one large high quality edited print of the work.  They may also receive some of the images in FB format for their use that I will not be using.

Here’s the outline of the idea as it is developing.

  • Do ten of these figure studies – select 2 images from each study and eventually narrow to one from each
  • Use a dark studio with no stray light with a black background
  • Use the studio lights mostly from behind the model creating a halo effect angling outward - this is the majority of the light
  • Use low level and focused lighting on the body to bring out the muscle and contours – use of grids and snoot to control it – focus more on exposing the muscle groups rather than the features of the model, maybe a warming filter on these lights for a bit of softness.
  • Possible smoke in the back of the model between the lights – do I use this in layers for drama or overall as a mist – or not at all – we’ll have to see
  • Each model must be well toned  and can be male or female
  • Shoot the nude model from the front, rear, side with a little, focused light – sitting, standing,  lying – bring out the power, strong poses mostly
  • Set the model up to be covered entirely with glistening oil - maybe accented with some water sprayed on in drops – we will see about that for texture – should the hair be oiled – my wife’s hair was last week during a massage and looked pretty great – thoughts?  Do it both ways?
  • Use a single pedestal (column type) or double pedestal with a board between them to raise the model, add interest – this is painted a medium gray, non-glossy, not too high.  If this doesn’t work use a platform to raise them not more than approximately 2 feet – cover in fabric and also paint a medium grey color so it stands out from the black but does not distract
  • Drape very light fabric over pedestal – add pleats and texture  and also possibly blow some fabric waving in the air away from model for movement

I am open to ideas and your thoughts on this – consider volunteering or passing tis on to others – thanks