Fitness Project - A Portfolio Upgrade


I shot a number of fitness sessions a while ago during competition and then stopped further work in this area  to focus primarily on fashion and glamour work.  I think it’s time to come back to fitness and get updated fitness sessions up on the site.

I am interested in shooting 6 sessions – 3 female and 3 male in the near term so that I have good reference materials for future clients.  If you are or know someone who is a fitness person I would like to discuss the possibility of participation in a shoot. 




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What's my plan?

I will set up my photography equipment in your gym, home, or studio and do a shoot with you featuring you and your body – honed to the perfection that is you.  You will be posing against either a gray background or if we can get proper permission and access; against your gym’s equipment and space. 

Together we will make great images of you using my professional lights and equipment.  The images will be designed to show off your ripped body to the best extent possible.  You need to be able to do the poses; and if we do use your gym, you need to set it up so that they allow the work to be done there without too much hassle. You do NOT need to be competition ready although it is fine if you are.  You DO need to be in great shape!


There will be no charge for the photography and you will receive both images and a print for your contribution to the project.

You will be required to sign a model release and the images will be used on my web site.  You will receive some number (the best of the images) of images in Facebook resolution.  You will be able to share or use these images for any non-commercial use you require. 

In addition you will receive one 11x14 print of an image that I select printed on 13x19 paper.  It will be printed on archival paper with archival ink – suitable for long term display if you wish to frame it or for your portfolio if not.  If we come out with a number of images you will be able to contact with me (inexpensively) for additional prints or you can print them yourself from the downloads of the images that will be made available to you


If you would like to discuss the opportunity with me please write me via email at or better yet call me at (860) 487-1081.

After an initial discussion you will be asked to provide a full face and a full body (recent cellphone quality) image here's how .  We will then jointly decide whether to proceed and confirm locations, dates and any other requirements. 

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions please contact me immediately!  Thanks.