What do I want from the wig query


What is my issue?

I am doing more and more high fashion photography in Grenada and we’re getting published regularly in an important fashion magazine where I was recently asked to be a contributing photographer.  As I progress I have the need to partner with people who can enhance the end product and make it really stand out to create exceptional interest.

I am particularly interested in being able to vary the look of a model in a way that would appeal to a sophisticated fashion-scene customer such as in NY so that the images of different clothing from the same shoot retain interest and variety.  We now change the makeup between each set – sometimes slightly and sometimes a lot – it makes a difference.

I need to address hair changes for several reasons.  We have not been doing much with hair – the model usually shows up – often with their own inexpensive and not extremely attractive hairpiece and we leave it the same as I do not have expertise on the set with us in most cases.  So I have poorly designed, looking and maintained hair that looks the same in each shot – and it may not even fit very well at all which creates distraction in the final images.  Now is the time to make some changes.

I need one or more people to partner with who will make and provide high quality hair and help to maintain their look while we are shooting.  There is intense interest in Grenada and in the US in people who can provide QUALITY hairpieces. 


Bottom Line

  • You need to be able to make wigs here in Grenada where we both live
  • Use great looking materials throughout
  • Be very creative with your product, it doesn’t have to always look like real hair – it can be blue for instance but has to look right for our concept – we are shooting for an ever more sophisticated audience
  • You will be responsible for your ideas – I will provide specific feedback and sometimes ideas but this is all a reflection of you and what you can do – I will not take credit for your work
  • Attend all major scheduled shoots the pieces will be featured in and actively participate – you will arrange, change, re-style etc. during the shoot set changes. You will also watch the hair while we are shooting to see if it needs adjustment.  We will reasonably schedule to meet your schedule but I’d need you to be available to be able to do it.  The vast majority of the work I do is during the day – if you have a day job without flexibility we will have to look for options to deal with this.
  • Be responsive to my questions and able to communicate effectively and clearly on email, phone, fb, what’s app. I speak English and have difficulty with some slang and non-standard phrases – that cannot get in our way.  To be clear I do not want to work with you if you cannot do this – we need clear and time-sensitive communications between us – always. 
  • Create your own value from your participation – it has to be worth your while for some reason – I’d like to understand why you think it would be
  • Be looking for a long term relationship with me if it is all working out – I can work with you on just one session but I would prefer to have a longer term thing going that really works for both of us
  • You need to be able to get to the shoot location or to my home in Lance aux Epines and I’ll take you there in a very dependable manner – if we’re counting on you and you do not show weeks of planning may be messed up – I cannot live with that.  And you need to be on time or early – always.



What I can offer/do in return

  • I can and will tag you on all posts and magazine submissions in all cases. 
  • I will get you specific exposure to my followers
  • I will make consistent positive comments on your work – if it is not worthy of that then is a different issue
  • I will tell you clearly how the images look with your contributions and will help you improve your product over time
  • For clarity, in most cases, this is not a paying engagement - If I do get paid for the shoot you will receive a portion which we will work out in advance after expenses are paid.


For instance - I greatly appreciate what Christel did in this shoot - she was great - but I think we can do more and do it better.  Can you help me out?

Chrisel Grenade - 2016 03 08 - 0233Chrisel Grenade - 2016 03 08 - 0233 Chrisel Grenade - 2016 03 08 - 0311Chrisel Grenade - 2016 03 08 - 0311 Chrisel Grenade - 2016 03 08 - 0331-EditChrisel Grenade - 2016 03 08 - 0331-Edit Chrisel Grenade - 2016 03 08 - 0426-EditChrisel Grenade - 2016 03 08 - 0426-Edit Chrisel Grenade - 2016 03 08 - 0490Chrisel Grenade - 2016 03 08 - 0490