Outline of a StraleyPhotography Basic Studio Shoot in Grenada



My basic intro shoot or session (a first time photo session to train a model in posing and basic presentation) in Grenada is 250 xcd and is held in my home studio in L'Anse aux Epine.  In this session we simulate a fashion shoot and focus on postures, poses, and working the garments.  Unless you are an extremely experienced model I strongly recommend that you do this session with me. 


After this session we would have the opportunity to determine if a more advanced photography session would be valuable for each of us. For the record there are 2 other sessions that follow - one focused on body, dance, flowing with the wind and the other on sensuality and sexuality.  The three together complete the basic training I offer and will  provide a wide range of experience, some great images and a lot of publicity for the model on FB and other social media. Here is what the first of the 3 sessions (the Basic fashion Shoot) is about.


For this session I provide a makeup artist, and instruction to the model throughout the shoot.  This generally takes a total of 4 - 5 hours of which approximately 1 1/2 hours is makeup and wardrobe/shoot planning and safety.  I also provide several information types of lists in advance to the model - one with the types of clothing to bring and one with information on how to prepare for a shoot.


From this shoot the model receives a minimum of 5 edited images for their personal use via a download from my web site - usually within 2 weeks. I will post some of these images over time on my FB wall and all of them on my website in a personal page created for the model.  Please note - the images provided are for personal use - they may not be edited or used for commercial use but could for instance be used for a portfolio presentations and can certainly be used on the model's and their friends FB or other social media pages.


If I need to travel or bring extra people in, materials in, etc. or if there is a requirement for commercial use or privacy requirements, extra models, etc. there will probably be an additional cost - all reasonable options are available.   In these cases there are a lot of variables to consider - not to make it complicated but to make it fair to both of us.  The cost for whatever is done as a result is more than the basic shoot of course but will be estimated in advance based on your feedback so we need to speak before the session - if you do not want to speak to me on the phone please find another photographer.


Note - I do not provide all of the images taken during the session - (400-600) or unedited images - ever.  All of my images will have my logo on them in either white or black in the lower left corner.  It may not be removed.


The location of the shoot is on Mt Hartman Rd in L'Anse aux Epine in a home my wife and I own and are renovating to include a formal photography studio.  There is indoor space, outdoor space and areas of garden and pool we can use.  I will provide written directions once you have confirmed you will do the work with me.  You will have to get there yourself in some manner.  You will need to arrive on time and the session may take a total of 5 hours to complete.



I have many references - if you want to check me out the simplest way is first to review my website - www.straleyphotography.com - there are a number of types of photography and thousands of images plus a whole lot of general info up there.  Start with the slideshow and then poke through the images available under IMAGES at the top of the screen for the dropdowns.  If you like the style then use me if not and/or you have other ideas - we would need to discuss what you are looking for before you commit.  There are some genres that I do not shoot such as violence, blood, and vampires etc.  If it has to do with healthy people doing healthy and fun things, and looking good, sexy or happy - that is me! 


The second way to check me out is to simply go to my FB page -  I post almost daily.  If you personally know one of the models on my page - they are all tagged, just contact them and ask about their session, feelings and quality of delivery.  Then you can always check me out here - http://www.straleyphotography.com/what-our-clients-say where I have more formal references for you.



Please let me know if there are questions or any concerns.  I am also always looking for referrals if you can help with that and introductions to designers and people in the fashion industry. If you know other people who might be interested in working with me please let them know in some manner. 


If you are interested in a shoot of any kind please let me know about you, your thoughts, and what might make you happy and satisfied - a discussion of what you are planning to do with the images might be a good place to begin.  If you have a specific  concept to discuss I am open for that as well.



I will be in Grenada and working this year from November 1 through Nov 25 2016 - then available from March or April 2017 going forward -  I work by appointment with sessions usually scheduled at 9 AM and 1 PM - I work every day - so no excuses not to do this - i am available sometime when you are!  


Why not commit to excellence and fun right now - take the next step and set up a session with me - or call a friend and let them know about it!


All the best.

Michael in Grenada  (473) 536-8638 on cell or Whats App or you can hit me up on Skype wherever I am at (904) 567-5237