When we are discussing Beginning to Work Together - You Probably Contacted Me in Most Cases

It is important to me that I understand what you look like, how you stand, your body type and goals in order for me to prepare for working with you.  If you have contacted me about a shoot and do not have a professional model portfolio - one that is shot by professional photographers I will ask you to provide me with profile information.

In this business
it is NOT enough to be a pretty face - you must stand out, be dependable, be easy to work with, be committed and focused - among other things! 

This is a serious request for information - you should take and complete this request - it matters.  To be clear - If you cannot or will not complete and send me the following information that tells me something about you - doesn't it?  So please follow the instructions, provide the exact images I have asked for (at least those) and do the rest of the work I am asking you to do.  

I want to remember our interaction positively and powerfully - please not start it off on the wrong foot.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please follow the instructions!


  1. Tell me how old you are – I do not shoot models under 18 without their parents being present - and then only in limited situations.
  2. Send me the following 4 pictures (to the email address below) – it is OK to take them with a cell phone, do not retouch them, do not get creative with lighting, do this in good light, it is OK to have a friend help you or to do it yourself.  I am not looking at the quality of the image – I am looking at your hair, body, posture etc.  Please note - I am primarily interested in the 4 pictures as I have defined them below - while you can send me additional pictures I must have the 4 images I have asked for.

For best results - Stand about 2 feet in front of a single colored blank wall in a room with reasonably good light.  If the image comes out blurry please retake it - I am looking to understand posture, blemishes, scars, skin texture, etc.

Do NOT apply any skin softening or other fancy features in your camera - natural shots, good light, well focused

  1. A full face shot frontal – just your face and hair – if doing this yourself point the camera into a mirror and take your picture looking directly into the mirror – wear minimal to no makeup please. Smile so I can see your teeth please 
  2. A full face profile shot - have your nose parallel to the camera plane - you do not need to to look at the camera or smile.  I am going to use this one to see blemishes and cheek bones
  3. A full body shot frontal – clothed but with form fitting clothes or even better a bikini – again if taking it yourself shoot directly into a mirror - point the cell phone at yourself  about breast height and take the picture 
  4. A full body shot side – again clothed but in form fitting clothes or a bikini – use the mirror – same instructions as above.  I am looking for your posture, waistline, curvature of your back, legs, breast shape etc.
  1. There are many different types of modeling - is there something specific you are wanting to do or that you know you absolutely are opposed to doing?  Tell me about that please now - for instance I will not agree to shoot vampires, blood, violence, rape or similar scenes or scenes with guns, knives or other potentially harmful items as props.
  2. Browse through my web site and find 3 – 4 images you like and wish you were in and be ready to discuss what you like about them – or send me 3 – 4 pictures someone else has taken and be prepared to discuss what you like about them.  You can also bring pictures with you from magazine or other places - we just need to get on the same page and this is a pretty quick way to do things.
  3. Go to this page on my site and read the model release - you will have to sign it before working with me.
  4. Go to this page on my site and review how to prepare for a shoot - it also has a list of props you may be interested in
  5. In the event that you are requesting this to be a TF shoot - (this means "Time For" or free) go to this page on my site and read my expectations of this kind of shoot - you will need to agree to this approach before working with me. Please read it thoroughly as I will expect you to do your part too.  There needs to be a real value for me in this - please help me understand your proposal and how it is unique in some way.

Thank you - so now - either you think I am overly detailed and a pain in the butt - or you appreciate my attention to detail. I hope it is the latter of the two!  I find that if I take care of the details and communicate thoroughly that we can better concentrate on the work of the shoot!

My email - Michael@StraleyPhotography.com

I want to make images like these with you!  Right?