A Listing and Links to the Various Documents and Information I Provide


Directions to my studio - we are located in L'Anse aux Epines, Grenada on Mt Hartman Drive.

General info - questions you might ask

Model Training and Image capture offerings

  1. Basic Fashion Shoot - how to pose and model clothing like a pro and understanding the images you make
  2. Blowing in the Wind - how to focus on wind, smoothness, floating, dancing and emotions when posing
  3. Lingerie - focus on sensuality and sexuality when posing for an images

Womens Fashion Wardrobe Suggestions - my strong suggestions on the type of clothing to bring to the Basic Fashion Shoot and other similar sessions

Preparation for a shoot - things to do and know before going to a shoot - any shoot - plus a list of potential accessories.

Homework - Things to do to practice and develop your skills after a session with me

Preparing for a Test Shoot - a test shoot is a low cost way for both of us to determine if further investment of time and money makes professional and commercial sense in capturing images of you.

My Guarantee - for customers paying full price for a shoot - how I guarantee my deliverables to you

Feedback and Referrals - I actively seek your feedback with enough detail in it that I can learn what you liked and how I might make improvements


Other Information for You

Catching my Interest - we all have ideas and concepts we have thought of that might be interesting to try out and develop - here are some of my notes for you to think about, perhaps it will lead to an idea for you to work on with me.

Personal Use Licensing - there are certain rights and restrictions given to you when you pose for images made for "personal use".  It's a great idea to know what you can and cannot do!

TF Work - when you ask me to work for free or at a discounted work I have certain expectations of what you will do for me in return

Model Release - I will not be able to work with you unless we have an agreement in place somehow that specifies the rights we each have.  Usually you will be required to sign a paper copy of this release at the time of the shoot - you will receive your copy back after I have made it into an image for your records.

Working with Designers and Store Owners - Some ideas I have about working with people in the fashion industry - my commitments 

Links to info to interest Models - a wide variety of topics of interest