So WHY would I offer to do this – provide you with a low-cost photoshoot – and what am I offering to do?


Why would I do this?

  1. I am always looking for new people to work with - this is a quick and dependable method to determine if there is value and desire to work on other shoots and to make certain that our energy together is good, exciting, and productive
  2. This is an investment I want to make in return for your best efforts AND publicity when using the images we make together


What I am offering

  • A professional level photoshoot using excellent equipment, space, lighting and techniques at a location and time that is mutually agreeable
  • 2 – 3 hours of shooting, modeling and posing instructions when needed, including professional makeup
  • Post-shoot processing of 5 images – these will be selected by me, edited and delivered – some on Facebook with comments from me and all (the 5 ) on a personal web page that I will set up for you.  You and others will be able to view and download the images from that page.  You may use them for your personal, non-commercial use.
  • A great deal of fun for you
  • A great experience – one that may be really unique.


What is the cost?

  • Whatever it takes for you to get ready and to the shoot – clothing, nails, hair?  Transportation to where we will work and back.
  • 250 xcd the day of the shoot.  Or negotiate a payment plan in advance of the shoot
  • No show fee - if you do not show up or cancel at the last minute then 100 xcd is payable before the reschedule of the session to pay the makeup person and my costs.


What - What do you have to do to make this happen?

I do have an agenda and set of expectations for your participation in this - it is important that you know about it and agree to work within it. Here is what you can do to create value for me in the shoot:


  • Do your part to make this session great - be prepared, make the energy and magic happen – be your best - if you are nervous or concerned if it will all be good - that is my part to handle - you just focus on the energy and themes we come up with.
  • You will agree that you will not personally miss-use the images or work with others to miss-use them.  Miss-use to me means changing the image, modifying the image, using them for commercial purposes etc. without my permission
  • I count on you to help me after the shoot with publicity and in sharing the experience you had with others.  Nothing convinces and motivates people like a referral or statement from someone they know or trust.  This is part of your agreement with me - I expect you to do this - even if you are shy, busy or whatever.  If you are happy with the results tell people, if you are not then tell me and we'll figure out how to make the issue right.
  • I will post some of the images on FB - on each one I will tag you, on most I will write something about you.  If you post one of these images on your FB or other social media site you must tag me - not just display my log but tag me, hashtag me - whatever is necessary.  "Photography by Michael Straley from StraleyPhotography" is OK in the first comment as well!
  • I expect you to speak to your friends in some form or another so that they get excited about your shoot, the results and hopefully will want to do one themselves.  I expect my models to participate by actively commenting on each image I post of them on FB or social media – sharing the experience and how it felt!  I do not need you to sell me in any way – I do need you to be clear, vocal, and open about the experience – it is fine if you thank people for making comments about how great you will look but what I really want is your friends to “get” the experience.  If you are not going to do this on FB let me know in advance how you propose to do this and how I will know it worked.  Results count.
  • If you do these things I am much more likely to invest more time working on more of your images than if you do not – just to be clear – if you have an alternative idea on creating value for me – let me know before the shoot – and keep your word.  I will keep mine.  So you will be receiving 5 images or more - the more is dependent on how you work with me - the first indicator is whether you do the simple no cost things I have detailed here or not, whether you generate interest in the images or not and whether you are nice, fun and respectful to work with. 

Just keep your word and your shoot will exceed your expectations!  That is a promise.