Calendar 2018 –MUA

Opportunity in the Production of the Calendar Months


This is the second year I will be shooting images of Grenadian Designers' clothing especially for a calendar additionally part of the plan is to promote the best of the designs in one or more Fashion Magazines.  We will shoot 12 months of the 2018 calendar beginning in July 2017 and completing in October 2017 for production and distribution beginning in November.  I have a number of Fashion Designers signed up at this time who are working on their collections for this.

There are two ways for MUAs to participate

  1. You can participate at your regular rates on dates as requested and you will do one model per shoot in most cases. In this event you will NOT receive mention in the calendar and not have a preference for the maximum possible exposure (you may only be asked to work on one or two of the months). This is a standard participation and is not my preference for you to be honest about it.
  2. You can agree to do 4 shoots of the calendar (4 months).  You will receive ½ of your rate for the first model in the month's shoot and if there is another model for that month you will receive full payment for that model.  The maximum discount you would provide therefore is ½ of your rate in any month.  You will receive mention on each individual page of the calendar that you participated in and should expect to do 4 months.  This is the option I would prefer that you take just to be honest about it.

Here is the link to the description of the focus of the calendar for 2018 and how people will participate.  This will be a change from the 2017 Calendar with an increased focus on Grenadian Designers and real designs.  To be clear I will not be working with Charity for Jewls this next year.  All profits will go to the Queen Elizabeth Home for Children.


Please see Michael with any questions.