- LTD | Contest to select the most beautiful model in grenada





Read on and maybe next week you will be $100 RICHER - no catches as long as you follow the rules!

I want to know

"Who in YOUR opinion is the most beautiful dark-skinned female model who is actively modeling and who currently lives in Grenada"

Here are the rules - all of which must be followed:

  • Provide a name and contact info for your choice - FB, IG, Whats App or some other method that is public so I can see her.
  • She must be 18 - 35 and live in Grenada and must be currently modeling
  • You must vote in writing - put it here in FB or private message me on FB or Whats App. Please do not tell me on the street or by a phone call
  • You can only vote one time - play nice.
  • I must get at least 100 entries in writing - again either here or in a private message before the end of the contest on June 4.
  • If I get at least 100 entries I will pay the winner 100xcd. If there are multiple entries for the same person (and I am assuming there will be) then I will randomly chose the winner from all of the successful entries.
  • I will review all suggestions and choose which one of the models from your suggestions I think is the most beautiful - my criteria for this are entirely my own, are 100% subjective, and will not be defended - in other words you may not agree.

How does that sound? Feel free to share this.

The model chosen will most likely be offered an opportunity to do a paid session with me if interested however this in NOT required in order for you to win!