This page should tell you briefly and easily how to download an image from my site.  Many of the images are provided at no charge so if that is the case for the one you are interested in - what could be better? Once you have done it one time it will be easy to do again.

1.  There is a Downloads Button in the Upper right of each website page - to begin please click on it and then click on one or more images you like.  

2.  Look in the upper right hand corner for a box like this


it is usually this color  - click on this box (on cell phones sometimes the box is below - it depends)

3.  On the left of the window that opens select the option Downloads if it is not already selected, in the middle of the screen are options of the download sizes.

4.  Review the cost -  many of the images at at NO Charge - in any event you will see the charge on the screen - make sure you select the resolution that you desire (doing the process this way fakes out the system).

5.  Proceed through the checkout just like any other transaction on the internet - all along you will see the cost and it will not change.

6.  When complete press the "Order" button and wait a minute or so - you will get your files sent to you in a download.

7.  If you get stuck and need more help do not worry - there is a help section at the top of each page - look up and click the Information/Help button or click here . I have a video that will walk you through it!


You should know that doing a download on your phone is not quite as easy as doing it on a computer - especially if you are speaking on it at the same time - but people do it all the time - so for sure it works!

Can we agree on the following?

You will not steal or modify my images - one of the pages you clicked through is your agreeement not to do this - just saying - what is right is right. Don't remove my logo.  Call me and specifically discuss with me any modifications you are requesting.  Get my agreement in writing.

You will tag me in posts and anyone else with you  in the image - tag the Designers, the Hair and Makeup people etc.

Please do say nice things about me - sometimes there is a free lunch - why not acknowledge it?  Tell your friends, tell me!

What do people say about working with me? Please do let me know if you are interested in working with me.