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Angelica is a model I have worked extensively with in Florida - we spent two days shooting together when I was there at the end of November - we were rewarded with 4 pages in I-Fashion Magazine and a lovely bio of her as well.

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All images are of model Angelica Scurry from Jacksonville, Florida. Lloyd seemed to be interested in a story about her after seeing several of them. Angelica did her own makeup – none of the clothing is designer based.

Michael Straley –, LTD – Grenada
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Angelica’s bio

Angelica Scurry is a Native of Jacksonville, Fl. Where she is an Entrepreneur, Model and Master Licensed Cosmetologist, Host and Event Planner. Angelica grew up on stage at the early age of 4, when her parents introduced her to the world of dance by enrolling her in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap.

Angelica continued her career in dance throughout her teenage years. While dancing on Stage, she fell in love with the lights, cameras, costumes and all the glam that came with it. While still in her teenage years, she switched gears and developed an interest in the Modeling World. While Working As a recruiter For A local Modeling Agency, Angelica also Trained and Modeled for Local Modeling and Talent Agencies.

She has furthered her Modeling Career as a Freelance Model where she enjoys the control and creativity of it. Angelica is more than a pretty face. As an Entrepreneur, she works hard in several businesses that she owns and manage. Angelica is the owner of The Town Is Talking LLC. Where she manages a Photography Studio, Music Events, also films and produce the web series The Town is Talking, which highlights the Positive Topics in Jacksonville and Surrounding Areas.

Her latest Project/Business is Skin Intimates and Swimwear Boutique. While she constantly busy managing her business, she continues to manage time to work in her craft as a Master Licensed Cosmetologist at her craft as a Master Licensed Cosmetologist at her studio downtown and Elite Salon & Day Spa in the Avondale Area.

Angelica's Motto has always been "Live Your Life to the Fullest" So you can definitely expect to see more from this Renaissance Woman.
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