Links to the Various Documents & Information

Directions to my studio - we are located in L'Anse aux Epines, Grenada on Mt Hartman Drive.

General info - questions you might ask

How much does it cost?  - There are a number of factors which may determine the final cost for a shoot.

Becoming a model for StraleyPhotography

Applications and Test Shoot Information to work with us

Application for Photography Services - Here is your chance to tell us what you'd like to work on with us and what it would mean to you. This is required for all new models.

Fashion and Glamour Test Shoot information - what is required for a test shoot - it is a low cost way for both of us to determine if further investment of time and money makes professional and commercial sense in capturing images of you.

Application for Boudoir and Artistic Nude Modeling - Here is your chance to tell us what you'd like to work on with us and what it would mean to you. This is required for all new models who are specifically interested in expressive modeling. You must be 18 or over to be considered.

Boudoir and Artistic Nude Test Shoot information - This shoot is specifically designed for people interested in modeling in lingerie and/or in artistic nude images. 


Model Coaching and Image capture offerings -

These programs are focused on models and model coaching - and are designed for people who are serious about modeling and gaining expertise.  If you are wanting to do something like this but do not require model training we can accommodate that as well - please just let us know!

  1. Basic Fashion Shoot - how to pose and model clothing like a pro and understanding which of the images you make should be selected
  2. Blowing in the Wind - how to focus on wind, smoothness, floating, dancing and emotions when posing, sensual modeling, grace, beauty
  3. Lingerie Modeling for Models - focus on sensuality and sexuality when posing for images as a model and avoid looking like a porn star


General Info for you to understand

Why and What Do I Offer to You? You might be wondering what I would plan to deliver to you in an engagement and what my expectations are from you in return.  Here it is briefly - please let me know if you have questions.

Women's Fashion Wardrobe Suggestions - My strong suggestions on the type of clothing to bring to the Basic Fashion Shoot and other similar sessions

Preparation for a shoot - Things to do and know before going to a shoot - any shoot - plus a list of potential accessories.

Homework for models - How to practice and develop your modeling skills after a session with me - modeling is very tough and skill development is important if you want to improve your modeling skills to be able to provide your photographer the best model - this requires your focus, commitment and practice.  The photographer has lots of models to chose from - they are much more likely to chose you if you follow these rules and develop your ability to communicate through facial expressions and body language.

My Guarantee - For customers paying full price for a shoot - how I guarantee my deliverables to you

Cancellation Policy - My cancellation policy applies to all photoshoots with StraleyPhotography  

Feedback and Referrals - I actively seek your feedback with enough detail in it that I can learn what you liked and how I might make improvements


Other Information for You

Catching my Interest - We all have ideas and concepts we have thought of that might be interesting to try out and develop - here are some of my notes for you to think about, perhaps it will lead to an idea for you to work on with me. If you have your own ideas see the info just below on proposing a shoot

How to conceptualize and propose a shoot to me - It's important to be able to get everyone on the same page when preparing for a shoot with a consistent goal in mind - here is one  idea on how to pull it all together by identifying a theme to drive to the final product - there are a number of ideas here - I suggest that you read it and try it.

What does it take to succeed - One Photographer's ideas on the talents a successful model needs in order to be successful

 Personal Use Licensing - There are certain rights and restrictions given to you when you pose for images made for "personal use".  It's a great idea to know what you can and cannot do!

TF Work - When you ask me to work for free or at a discounted work I have certain expectations of what you will do for me in return

Model Release - I will not be able to work with you unless we have an agreement in place somehow that specifies the rights we each have.  Usually you will be required to sign a paper copy of this release at the time of the shoot - you will receive your copy back after I have made it into an image for your records.

Parental Consent for people under 18 who are in multiple sessions with StraleyPhotography where the parent is not able to attend each session.

Working with Designers and Store Owners - Some ideas I have about working with people in the fashion industry - my commitments 

Links to info to interest Models - A wide variety of topics of interest

MUAs - Working with Me - If you are a MUA and want repeat, paying work from me I suggest you read this to understand what is important to me.



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