I really would love your feedback

So here is the reference/referral form I spoke to you about around the time of our shoot – that may have been a while ago. 

Your detailed  feedback is very important to me as I use it for reference information so that other interested people can make decisions on working with me  and to gain feedback from you on what worked.

Would you please respond to this request with feedback on our session for me?  Please consider taking the time to provide details, comments – whatever – a detailed answer to these would be so very much appreciated.  When people look at your feedback they will want specific details and your thoughts and feelings  – please take the time to provide this!!!!!


In my opinion it should just take a few minutes once you get going on your computer it may take longer if you are using a phone just because – well - maybe your fingers are faster than mine




Once you press submit it will mail itself to me at the end of the process.  Thanks very much!



Here are some samples of other peoples' final feedback 


You may find it helpful in formulating your response - use as much detail as you are willing to!