For TF work

TF - (no charge work) here are concepts I am generally into these days - but feel free to propose something to me.  These ideas/categories are for experienced models with a proven track record.

So if you say "oh I don't know - I will shoot anything you want" - then these are the general themes I will want to pursue with you.  The concept  behind of some of them (the meaning) is open for our interpretation of course - that's what the final image is all about.  I am looking for something exceptional out of this from our work together or what is the point?  

So please review this list,

select one or two concepts and discuss your ideas with me.  Two heads are better than one - and you know your ideas, limits and interests.


  • Boudoir Photography for people who are not models 30 - 50 years old - this is a big one for me right now!
    Designer clothing fashion modeling for my annual calendar to promote Designers in Grenada
  • Colored clay on nude body parts
  • Fabric in the breeze
  • Oily body
  • Wet bodies on top of oil
  • Couples intimate relationships of all kinds
  • Lace
  • Satin
  • Silk - clothing, wraps, robes, shirts
  • Leather
  • Brass buttons
  • Rhinestones shiny and glittery
  • Intimate moments shared with the camera audience 
  • Sexy and anything - really get into it
  • Hot
  • Smooth
  • Dance - grace and form, jumps, spins, beautiful forms
  • Yoga
  • Pole Dance
  • Sensual - the smoother and hotter the better
  • Shadows and contrasts on bodies
  • Low light
  • Back light body with colors
  • Gold and/or Silver Bodypaint
  • Windy days and clothing blowing
  • Tattoos (nice ones)

More ideas for you -


Here is what I am not shooting 

  • Violence of any kind
  • Blood
  • Guns or knives unless you are military
  • Zombies
  • Stupid stuff (I know it when I see it)



Here is my position on TF work and what I want from you as a result - if you are asking me to work at no cost to you please read this - I will hold you to it!