For TF work

TF - (no charge work - there is information on this below at the bottom of this page) here are concepts I am generally into these days - but feel free to propose something new or different to me.  These ideas/categories are for experienced models with a proven track record.

So if you say "oh I don't know - I will shoot anything you want" - then these are the general themes I will want to pursue with you.  The concept  behind of some of them (the meaning) is open for our interpretation of course - that's what the final image is all about.  I am looking for something exceptional out of this from our work together or what is the point?  

If there are costs we would incur - say for an artist of some kind, we will have to discuss those and make decisions - just because i am interested does not mean I can afford to pay for it - maybe yes - maybe no.

So please review this list

select one or two concepts and discuss your ideas with me.  Two heads are better than one - and you know your ideas, limits and interests. If this lists inspires you to have another idea - even better!  Be creative.


  • Boudoir Photography for people who are not models over 18 years old - this is a big one for me right now!
  • Designer clothing fashion modeling to promote Designers in Grenada
  • Colored clay on nude body parts
  • Fabric in the breeze
  • Oily body
  • Wet bodies on top of oil
  • Couples intimate relationships of all kinds
  • Lace
  • Satin
  • Silk - clothing, wraps, robes, shirts
  • Leather
  • Brass buttons
  • Rhinestones shiny and glittery
  • Intimate moments shared with the camera audience 
  • Sexy and anything - really get into it
  • Hot
  • Smooth
  • Dance - grace and form, jumps, spins, beautiful forms
  • Yoga
  • Pole Dance
  • Kimonos and similar
  • Indian Sari and other similar
  • Henna
  • Sensual - the smoother and hotter the better - you let me know how hot it can be 
  • Shadows and contrasts on bodies
  • Low light silhouettes, and similar - maybe with directed flashlights or other enhancing ideas
  • Back light body with colors
  • Gold and/or Silver oils
  • Bodypaint - full body - either graphics of some kind or actual drawings - such as being a cat!
  • Windy days and clothing blowing
  • Tattoos (nice ones)

More ideas for you -


Here is what I am not into shooting - please find someone else to work with on these types of shoots.

  • Violence of any kind
  • Blood
  • Guns or knives unless you are military
  • Zombies
  • Stupid stuff (I know it when I see it)



Here is my position on TF work and what I want from you as a result - if you are asking me to work at no cost to you please read this - I will hold you to it!