TF Work -Working With Me 

When I charge for a session (and I usually do) that charge helps to cover the studio, the camera equipment, and my time. I also then charge for the images and some of their processing. 

If we do TF work together – (Time For) we each invest time, energy, skill, money, and other things to make images.  I however, invest a lot more time than you may be aware of because for every hour we shoot there is usually 2 -3 hours of additional work that comes out of it -  figure this out - if we shoot for 3 hours – I easily will spend 6 – 9 hours all together on you!  Did you know that?

When you ask me to work TF (no charge work for you) you expect to get images and I reasonably expect to get some kind of benefit from it – this makes sense – right?  Everyone wins – hopefully at least.  To be clear - I have a portfolio and it is complete in most cases so simply promising me the opportunity some beautiful images of you -  well I have made images of lots of beautiful people doing beautiful things.  I am not trying to be mean but I need something exceptional to come from our time together!  I bet you pay most people for their services - yes? 

Please make sure YOU actively help me get a win out of this too!

There must be a win for me too – this might be images that are special in some way for my portfolio, a test shoot in preparation for working together, or some other downstream benefit for me of some kind. Certainly publicity, your referrals and your general good and public vibes are expected and required - at least!  I have listed some work I want to test out – never did it before – do you want to be a guinea pig?  It might be fun – see the upper right hand corner of the site for ideas or click on the link.

You have ideas - If a picture is worth a 1000 words – then describe the image you want me to make – use words, be specific, create the scene.  Spend the time to think, to communicate and to relate about your idea – I have ideas – they are in the upper right hand corner of each web page – you may have better ones.  This is your part of it! 

Also a hint - to get my attention - either write to me with the details or talk to me on the phone – facebook and texting are not great ways to do the details.  The beauty and value is in the details – really.  That’s why you want to work with me – because I care about and pay attention to the details.  

I would also like you to do the following 5 things (at least).

None of what I am asking you to do costs you money – it does require you to pay attention, to treat me and my product with respect, and to give value back to me. Does this make sense to you? Do you agree to do it or something even better?

I would like you to do the following 5 things (at least).

None of what I am asking you to do costs you money – it does require you to pay attention, to treat me and my product with respect, and to give value back to me. Does this make sense to you?   Do you agree to do it or something even better?





1.  Tag me and anyone else involved and make detailed comments on FB and other social media.  This means MUA, Stylists, Wardrobe etc. on all posted images.  I will tag you and the same others on every image I post - I expect you to do the same.

Tell your friends about the support team, your experience, the quality of the images and the session, and me.   Write on your page about the experience - when they tell you that you look great include comments about ME in your responses - you were not the only one in the shoot - your being there is not the only thing that made the images look great. 

Be a raving fan!


2.  Leave my logo on the images and do not crop or alter my images.  If they need to be cropped or altered discuss it with me -and I will do the crop and put the logo back on for you. This includes the following.

Do not mess with the images - they are my property and even if you mean well - it is simple - do not alter the images. 

Do not combine the images with other images or otherwise make it difficult for people to know who took them. 

If FB or some other application removes or covers my logo either remove the image from the application or immediately post "Photography by Michael Straley of StraleyPhotography" directly under the image. 


3.  Write something nice about the shoot and the quality of the images - whatever is true. Call me and tell me you are happy. Say it on Facebook to your friends.  I expect your friends to tell me you referred them - be active about it - or tell me specifically why you are not promoting me based on your experience.   Make comments on you image when they make a comment - not only thanks - say something about the shoot, working w me, attention to detail, to lighting , the experience - say it in your own words but say it.  Put yourself in my position - what would you want someone to communicate about working with you.  I will absolutely do the same - I will say what is true for me - out loud, so that other people see it and get it.

If you use FB and other sites ask your friends and associates to Friend Me and Like Me – here is that information:

Link to my website - help the people you know find me -

Recommend me to a friend who needs photography – strong referrals are the best publicity for me. You can call me and ask me to call them too!

If you are invited to an event or runway show as a Model or know a Designer, MUA or Stylist who desires high quality photography actively help get them in touch with me, recommend me to them - or at least contact me and let me know about it.


4.  Invest some time back in me. Respond to my feedback email - I may send you an email which will ask for your feedback on the shoot. I use this information when it is well written and thoughtful for marketing purposes.

  • Provide specific details, write in complete sentences.  Rave about what was good and the results.
  • I am NOT asking you to say things that are not true for you or to help me sell myself – I am saying that I need you to provide thoughtful and complete feedback – answer with details and specifics.
  • To be honest with you; a one line answer such as “the shoot was great" or "I like StraleyPhotography” is NOT the level of comment I am asking you to provide.
    • Please make the time and do a quality job for me. 
    • Again - I am spending a lot of time with you and on your images – spend the time on me in return.


5.  Send me a birthday card – for October 15th. Really, do this - put it in your calendar - Everyone needs some love. Some of us perhaps more than others!

Nothing that I am asking you to do costs you money or is difficult to do – it does require you to pay attention, invest some back at me, to treat me and my product with respect and to give value back to me.   OK?  

If you are planning to use the images for commercial use and are asking me to shoot them for you at no charge - I would like the following (at least). 









Reconsider paying me.  Please make sure I understand - tell me why are you asking me to help you make money, to invest my time and my money in you if you will not share it back?

Keep your agreement on the use for each image – I will provide you with a license release for a specific use and time period.  Please do not exceed your authorized use of the image(s) without agreement from me - in advance.

Actively publicize StraleyPhotography - actively means you need to do at the very least all of the things listed above under personal use.  Including sending me the birthday card! Ha!

Tell me your ideas - If you are not paying for the work 

  • How will I get value in the future when you are making money from the use of the image or from the previous use of the image.
  • Give me a clear understanding from you in an email of what I should expect.
    • What make sense to you if you were in my position?
    • What is your proposal for me?


If you are not satisfied with the shoot and/or the images for some reason - do this for me.






  1. Tell me what was wrong or unsatisfactory - with specifics of your complaint – let me try to make it right if this is possible and makes sense. We both invested time and energy and it is a shame to have either of us dissatisfied.
  2. Remove the images from your computer and cell phone or other devices
  3. Remove the images from Facebook and everywhere else
  4. Do not share, alter or use the images in any way