Possibilities - Project Ideas from StraleyPhotography

Here are some general thoughts I have for possible projects – please read them – if there is something you are especially interesting in exploring please do not hesitate to let me know about it – you can shoot me a quick e-mail then follow up with a phone call (860) 487-1081 in the US or (473) 536-8638 in Grenada – all participants must be over 18.  If you have a better idea - call me about it!  Really do it right now!  I am just trying to put my ideas out there so you know the kind of things I am interested in.

To be clear - these are sometimes TF shoots (it is possible anyway) which means I will not be paying you for them and you will not be paying me.  Look for the -TF following the description for this.  Click here - my ideas on TF shoots.  To be clear with you - I only do this if it is to my advantage - usually a really unique portfolio update or something like that and you have no reservations about how they are used. 



  • Black Tape Project - I would like to do a bunch of this work - here are some examples from other people -  Possible TF
  • Reflections in a Mirror – This project is completed but was great fun - maybe we should do it with you anyway! - Possible TF
  • Boudoir/sexy/nude - artistic  - possible TF  This session can go as far as what you are comfortable with  - lace and silk are especially desired over cotton.  I have several hotels that give me reduced rates during the week for lovely suites with four poster beds etc. if you want some props and general atmosphere! I have lots of examples of this if you give me a call.  Possible TF
  • Pole dancers, lap dancers, exotic dancers, and escorts and similar - I have had great success with these types of images - especially if you are a pro - I'll produce great portfolio shots for the right people.
  • Loving Couples – anything you are both comfortable with - yours are the only limits, as long as everyone is having fun - woman and man, woman and woman - these should make some beautiful images for you
  • Fitness modeling and competition – if you are a fitness person please contact me  - TF
  • Body painting/texture  – full or partial - there is latex and drip paint too AND I am working on a colored baby powder concept - this should be pretty cool.  I am also exploring clays and other materials - do you have an idea to share on this?  I have a wonderful body-painter in Grenada who I will bring in to work with us to make this magic, hot and sexy  -Possible TF
  • NEW - Wife/girlfriend in the husband/BF's favorite team's sport jersey.  They make woman-sized versions of these jerseys - it would take some planning to order one in advance that mostly fits you but might be a great birthday gift!   I can think of so many variations on this - it could be cute or sexy or just really fun in a cheerleader kind of way and could be as involved as you like - some ideas would be to do it in the "man cave" your LR, or wherever the sports action was watched, with our without trays of snacks, beers, etc. with or without props such as helmets, hockey sticks - whatever he already has there already for his "passion".   I am sure once you start thinking about this that between us we can come up with a bunch of ideas to try out and a set of images that will rock - thanks to Loretta for this idea. 
  • Fitness people who are totally ripped posing - Work out of toned people (maybe) - possible combined with sweaty bodies -  this could be a couples shoot.  Your place, your gym/studio - outside, my studio - colored lights, backlit - a lot of ideas here.
  • A daisy duke/cowgirl/farm shoot or similar – maybe we could do some other outdoors thing with a theme?  Do you have any hobbies or interests like this - fishing pole, archery, umbrella in the rain(hose), how about on a tractor, with some animals - some prep and location scouting might be necessary on some of these ideas but could be a lot of fun.
  • Fashion shoot - Great for New models - or folks just getting back into things - I strongly recommend a Basic Studio Session first to get into the basics - bring 5 looks - prep in advance with some help, come complete with wardrobe, accessories, and other items of various kinds and we will shoot in a studio setting with some instruction from me (my basic rules of posing) - this is a great way to get some knowledge and some great images - this is a guaranteed successful shoot that will make a long term difference in your ability to work better with any photographer and which will give you good exposure to other photographers through my website and FB postings.  You can take this session as far as you'd like to. Here is an example
  • Ethnic shots – in ethnic clothing and backgrounds  – Native American, Indian Saris and related, Peasant (European) Gypsy, Carnival, African, Asian, etc.  You would need to provide the costuming and sets on this - you probably already have it - TF . 
  • Shower and bathtub scenes - , Shower scenes, bathtub scenes - always hot - we have done a couple with milk in the bath, rose petals floating in the water - very fun and sensual!  Great ones for momentos, gifts, keepsakes.   I now have and can add a bubble machine to add the mix for the fun of it - how do you like that?
  • I have a nutty idea about a trampoline  and a gown - if you are an experienced trampoline person and have access to one in a room with a high ceiling - please give me a call to discuss.  -TF
  • I would like to do something with wrapping fabrics around bodies  – not sure if this means tightly or blowing in the wind – maybe both. Bodies wrapped in silk or other draping type of material - sheer or not - we have been doing these in Grenada fo rthe past year with great success both inside, outside the studio and on a private beach
  • Dance – ballerina, ballroom, modern – especially if you have any experience in Alvin Ailey type of dance – ie using an aerial fabric hanging from the ceiling as a prop, having fabric used on the floor as water rippling, multiple bodies making cool shapes together etc.
  • Ink and Tattoos – permanent or otherwise - I love to shoot good ink on good bodies - Henna is great too
  • Outdoor beauty/glamour - you chose the location and scene - and we'll talk about the time of day
  • Duplication of famous photographers’ works or perhaps painting just for the fun of it – assuming we both like it – ie maybe check out these folks: Horst, Helmut Newton, Edward Steichen, etc.
  • Are you into leather and lace or latex - might you be interesting in working a couple of sessions w me? - Possible TF
  • Massage, oil, hands, muted light, partial bodies - this would be exceptionally hot and sensual 
  • Shaving brush, foaming soap, bubble bath - this could be a whole lot of fun it seems to me
  • Alter-ego - are there two sides of you - can you express them - good girl/bad girl?  party/serious - maybe a single image of the both of you might be fun and a great way to express yourself.  Show others your depth, your conflicts? You can introduce both of you to each other!


Do you also have friends who might be into any of this?

  Would you please pass the ideas on perhaps or read the list to them and laugh at it – that is cool!  Maybe you want to do something together?

Are any other concepts or ideas on your mind?  Talk to me about it.  I am just thinking about fun vs. a specific project necessarily – as long as we can make some beautiful images, fun and cool  - if you have an idea and don't want to do it maybe I'll add it to the list at least.

I am so NOT interested in working on the following:

  • Violence
  • Blood
  • Knives or piercing
  • Rape scenes
  • Guns
  • Zombies
  • Stupid stuff - I know it when I see it!

Lots of people will shoot this stuff - please talk to them about it

If you have always had a thought for a cool project - please pitch it to me! Be specific and detailed - we'll think it through and see what makes sense.  Crazy, sensual, soft and romantic - high energy too!  I am sure you're brilliant - I appreciate all the help and ideas I get - some of the wackiest ideas I have been pitched and done have turned out great!    

Write me an email [email protected] and describe your project , or give me a call at (860) 487-1081, you can volunteer to help me with one of mine.