Colored Body - A Photoshoot Idea


So this idea is not about black or white! No issues with either of those!


I would like to do some experiments with paint, clay, colored powers and textures on bodies.  I have not done any work in this area and think it would be a lot of fun maybe even really cool if we can find the right materials, the artist and the models.  

If you would like to be the artist, be the model - or if you just have some great ideas on this please get in touch with me!


here is a link to some of the sites that I have found so far. I am more into the type I have labeled texture than the african stuff - mostly because the texture is a bit smoother but that is all.


africian (mostly)



It could be messy - could be fun 


I have also seen latex paint used, dripped and also blacklights used.