Instructions for Photoshoot Preparation

Go through this list and the one following to best understand how to prepare for the shoot, what to bring, and what to expect.

 Let me know please if you have questions.  A rule of thumb – if in doubt about whether to bring something like an article of clothing, a color of makeup, a prop – I suggest that you bring it and decide at the shoot based on the way it feels whether to use it.  If it is not there you may regret not having whatever it is!  This happens all the time!

Remember – it is about fun, getting great images, and making memories – the better you prepare without getting obsessive about it, the better things will probably go.  This is your shoot – make the most of it! This is an excellent excuse to borrow fancy stuff from your friends and your sister that you always wanted to try out!  They might have some good ideas too - ask them.

  This info is for you – Read it.  Really, read and pay attention to the details – it matters!  

This information is accumulated over many, many shoots - take advantage of it!

Your Vision and Ideas are welcome -

If you want to help us get the “look “and can bring a picture(s) or sample of it with you it will be really helpful.

Consider practicing the look – if it is a famous model you can be certain that they practiced it for 100s of hours before you saw it.  Use a mirror - practice gives you options - play with it, make it yours!

If you have certain scenes, positions, pictorial fantasies, characters, or scenarios you want us to shoot please bring any samples or pictures with you that you can – the more we know the better job we can do!

The clearer you can be, the greater the possibility of us exceeding your expectations – trust us we want to help!

Safety -

You may bring 1 chaperone or escort – notify me in advance before your arrival. 

They should plan to sit quietly and by themselves – they are not to participate in the shoot, provide advice or interfere in the production. 

They are there for your protection and comfort only.

If you are under 18 years of age you must arrive with a parent or legal guardian.

Let them know that they will need to provide adequate identification and will be photographed for our records.

They must remain at the shoot for the entire time. We will stop the shoot if they are not there when we are ready to begin or if they leave during the shoot for any reason

Do not drink alcohol or take any mind altering substances before or during the shoot

**It is important that everyone involved in the shoot is safe, feels safe, and has fun.

We will stop the shoot if either of these is in question.

You may and should stop the shoot at any time as well for these reasons.

Speak up, be responsible for your own good time and safety - always!

The shoot is scheduled to begin and end at specific times – arrive at least 15 minutes early and do not count on being able to leave early without discussing this requirement with us in advance.

If you leave early we may not be able to complete the goals of the shoot

If you will be arriving at the shoot late please contact us as soon as you know – even if it is only 5 minutes late – (473) 536-8638 phone or WhatsApp

**Moisturize -

Make sure to apply lotion to any parts of your body that will be visible in the photographs for at least two days before the shoot - especially to elbows, knees, your back etc.   Really lather it on anyplace that may be a bit dry - it will show!

Bring body lotion with you to the shoot

Bring a light massage oil with you – it should be shiny. Bring a towel to wipe it off too.

Bring a towel to remove makeup, body lotion or oil before or during the shoot

Nails -

My camera can tell - make sure your fingernails are freshly cleaned and trimmed - if you have nail polish on - make certain it is fresh, and applied recently - no chips, no gaps. Please use an attractive color(s) consistent with the shoot

If your feet will show please have your toe nails trimmed and freshly polished – your feet should be clean and groomed. Remove those calluses!

Bring a towel that we can use to clean the bottom of your feet before posing – they may get dirty from walking around on the studio floor.

Makeup -

Make sure your makeup is fresh and that you have enough of it – you will use more than normal and colors may be required to be a bit bolder under the lights. Color is your friend!

Gloppy or old makeup on your face, eyes or lashes will show – it needs to be smooth and the best quality you can afford.

The lights used in the shoot may get hot – your makeup may run from perspiration – use waterproof or bring extra – actually bring extra anyway.

Do not use too many sparkles - they can reflect light and look like dust on the camera sensor!

Clothes -

Bring the clothes you will wear in the shoot with you – do not wear them to the shoot. We have a private dressing room for you.

Clothes should be freshly cleaned and pressed - iron them in advance - it matters!

Arrive with your clothes in a protective covering or case to keep them from getting dirty when you are not wearing them

Clothes should fit properly and be in good repair – try them on before arriving – no bulges or zippers that will not close

**Your Body - prepare it -

Arrive at the shoot freshly shaved and/or plucked – everyplace that you remove hair - do it on the day of the shoot - after taking a hot shower or bath!  Make certain to hit your legs, armpits and any other areas that might possibly show.  Use a brand new razor blade - it matters, my camera can tell!

Deodorant - make certain not to use a brand that leaves white residue under your armpits or on your clothes - imagine me trying to edit it out and how expensive it would be.

Please arrive squeaky clean from a recent shower - if you are coming from work or an activity please talk to me in advance for options

If you are showing skin - wear loose clothes after your shower anything tight will leave marks

Make sure your hair is freshly washed and dried

If you will be appearing with another person make sure to go lightly with the perfume or cologne – unless you know they love it

Sleep - Get plenty of sleep the night before the shoot – arrive in an air conditioned vehicle if possible

What to bring -

There is a great list of ideas below - review it.   See props and accoutrements below.

Make a list in advance so you do not forget anything, if possible pack your bag in advance.

Bring your items in a suitcase - pack more things than you think you will need - you cannot use what you do not bring!

If you require a prop such as a hat, skate board, etc. please make sure to bring it with you. 

If you will be wearing hats, scarves, gloves etc . bring multiple styles, colors and shapes with you if possible

If you are to wear stockings in the shoot bring an extra pair with you in case of damage , you may want to bring multiple colors as well

Medical -

If you need any medicines during the shoot please bring them with you – i.e. diabetics

Friends and helpers

You may bring a (1) friend with you –

They may participate in the shoot if you desire and should prepare themselves for the shoot following these same instructions

They may watch and assist you with preparation but must remain calm, quiet, and stay out of the production space.

We will provide all direction to you during the shoot – your friend is to remain quiet and off of their cell phones.

I may ask them for help with equipment or other activities and expect them to follow my instructions

Releases -

A model release is required – one for each person appearing in the shoot. All persons who will be recognizable in the shoot will be required to sign a model release.

You will be required to sign a separate release for each day of the shoot.  We will provide you with a copy of the release upon your request.

We may also take a picture of your license or other governmental ID – bring it with you.

If the shoot will be at a site you have selected, the owner or facilities manager must sign a release document allowing our photographers to take pictures in and of the site and to use the pictures.  It is your responsibility to ensure they sign the release and provide the access we require to complete the shoot

General notice -

If we are forced to stop the shoot due to your actions we may not be able to accomplish the goals we have set together and we will expect to be released from any obligations or promises we have made regarding the shoot.

We will charge you for the costs of the shoot including our time in most cases unless the issues are safety related and we have helped to cause them

Please do not expect to receive or make telephone calls or text messages during the shoot

In an emergency please give your contact my phone number to be used only during this shoot – 860 487 1081


Props and Accoutrement

some ideas to consider – they make a huge difference and add some variety!  

I suggest you bring extra items - if you don't have it with you we can't shoot it if we have a great idea - throw it in your bag!


Scarves, head bands


Dangly earrings

Hair nets

Bridal veils and trains

Tiaras, other hair pins or fancy items

Hair braids


Jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, pins, belly ornamentation, toe rings, bangles, large or special rings

Beads – lots of colors – big, small, shiny, peals, large glass – your best friend’s that you always wanted to borrow

Silk feathers, regular feathers

Silk flowers




Lingerie of all types - the softer, silkier the better


Body paint


Bow ties w collars – Chippendale style

Shoes, boots, lace up sandals high heels – colors, shiny, hot and sexy

Stockings, garters,  wraps – color, garters, patterns

Dancing or other costumes

Various toys and books

Furniture – love seats, swings, beds, chairs, bar stools, vases, tables,

Food, fruit, cheese, shrimp, whipped cream, wine bottles, champagne glasses, etc   


Beautiful fabric to drape, change the scene, to sit on

Furs – to wear, to sit on

Fabrics we can use as backdrops, to lie on, to wrap around you, to swirl in the air


Flower petals, other items to put around you on the floor to add color

Umbrellas, parasols

Gym clothes, lycra clothes, leather items, miniskirts, etc.

Clothes from your culture – saris, lederhosen, peasant clothes, riding outfits

Exercise equipment

Sports equipment

Ropes, chains, other items to be used safely

Temporary tattoos

Stuffed animals

Eye glasses

Watches, clocks, and time pieces


Wine glasses, shot glasses, martini glasses

Wine bottles, other bottles



Skateboards or other sports stuff – catchers mitts etc.

Also bring whatever else is special to you!