Some Ideas on Working with Fashion Designers and Marketers


I am very interested in working one-on-one with Designers and Store owners to create high quality images that can be used by them in their marketing and presentations.

If you are a business that sells and/or designs wardrobe I would like the opportunity to  work with you in designing and performing a fashion shoot with you designed to showcase the style and attitude you are selling.  If you are interested in the concept behind this approach please read on.

I shoot a lot of fashion/runway shows.  These shows are characterized by wonderful hair and makeup styles, the excitement of the crowd and sometimes great modeling - sometimes by new models - but always by excitement, wonder and fun.  Right?  Another characteristic is often nasty lighting.  Photography is about capturing light and using it to the advantage of the subject - in this case the model or wardrobe.  So great concepts that are prevented from having their full impact by the poorly lit nature of the beast.

I love light, wardrobe, shiny things, color and form.  In my opinion the best way to pull this together is to combine all of these elements together on purpose No models running down the runway, nobody behind the model in the background, no wardrobe failures that cannot be corrected - etc.  I can go on and on - but it makes sense doesn't it?

Let's see if it makes sense to work together.  Here is a general approach I am suggesting to start the conversation - if you are interested we can tune it up and modify it together. What are your ideas?  Does this sound interesting to you? Worth pursuing a bit to see if it right?


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Select items that have a general theme you want to market you
Identify and work with models that support your theme

both of us

Find and contract with a venue or location to shoot in both of us
Find Makeup and stylists for your models both of us
Provide insurance for the shoot as necessary me
Provide lighting and related equipment me
Direct the shoot to make sure the images meet your criteria you
Compensate the models in some form, pay for the venue, refreshments etc. you
Select the images to be used in your marketing both of us
Process the images that are selected me
Create a web page to store your private marketing images and for public access to the ones you are wanting to use for general access me