People ask me all of the time how to be a successful model - then they do not work all of the points to ensure they will get there!

This is one photographer's (my) idea of what it will take to be a serious model and succeed in it.  Ultimately overall success is what really matters - especially if you want to make money and attract Designers to produce their work for you. 


  • Beauty
  • Good, clear skin
  • Minimal scars, discoloration, scar tissue, piercing, tattoos
  • Ability to pose and excel with people watching
  • Project your emotions, concepts, someone else's vision, persistence
  • Presence - demand that they see, think, and want more from you  - it's all about you
  • Grace, dance, fluidity
  • Confidence and determination
  • Physical fitness and body toning - you really need to develop a contoured body with muscle tone
  • Multiple looks - your face, your poses, the energy you give off
  • Self-promotion and promotion of people who are helping you


Other skills that are super important - perhaps even more important at the end of the day - you must be able to deliver this too, on purpose, every day, and every time.

  • Networking with other models, your followers, your photographer, and their clients - if you are not self-promoting in every place, in every media you can - all the time then you will not be successful!
  • Focus, prioritization of your modeling over other aspects of your life
  • Desire to perform - do not assume you are doing the photographer or designer a favor - demand that you are to be noticed
  • Highest quality of communication - verbally and in writing - clarity of speech and dialect, powerful use of words - minimal use if any of jargon, you must make it easy to understand exactly what you are saying. Answer in complete sentences, answer all questions raised in one communication - if asked 3 questions - then answer all 3.
  • Consistency in your mood, appearance, and in following the plans that have been laid out,
  • Timeliness - be on time or early and fully prepared for every session,  if you are unavoidably late or cannot make it - let your contact know before you miss - but don't miss
  • Willingness to keep pushing after being turned down for work multiple times - casting calls are very tough and extremely competitive - do not be discouraged. Persistence is key.   Lots of people want every job - are they going to work harder and with more focus to get the assignment or are you?
  • Smart, Professional, Likable, Relatable - be someone we want to work with, you are much more than your body and poses - there are plenty of beautiful people in the world - you need to get yourself selected and have people desire to work with you, to see you.  Make magic happen - each and every time - exceed expectations!
  • Unique - somehow you must differentiate yourself from everyone else - do you have a unique selling proposition?  What is it, can people see it, do they want it, can you communicate it?
  • Kindness - to the people you are working with and for, demand that your followers act like decent people, putting people down is a negative thing - it does not make you more interesting or attractive.  There is a recent trend among followers for negative comments - do not permit it in your space - be aggressive about addressing it
  • Respect - the people you work with, the people you work for - people want to work and buy services from people they like!


It is just not enough to be pretty or handsome You'll need to work on all of these areas and work hard! Trust me!