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Test Shoot Outline Description

The reason I use Test Shoots is to determine if the person has real potential for me to use as a model.  It's purpose is not to create images, post them, create publicity for you etc.  I have other offerings for that and would be happy to work with you in other ways. It is possible that you will not receive any images from this shoot - that would be too bad of course but the only real purpose of this effort is to see if we want to take a next step towards something together.  Please ask me about other options if that is important to you right now.

A test shoot has you come to my studio location in Lance aux Epines and pose in 3 - 4 outfits that I will tell you about below - a professional makeup person will be there doing your face but we will not be doing a full glamour workup on you.

The cost of a test shoot with me is 100 xcd (you pay this) for the shoot and then we see the results of how your face and body look in the camera.  That is the best of what I can offer to help you quickly and inexpensively determine if there is a solid reason to spend any more time posing or modeling for me.  After a successful test shoot I have a number of options as far as training and shooting for fashion, beauty, grace, artistic images, etc. that we'll potentially discuss.


Send me your Profile Images before the test shoot

If you want to pursue this you'll need to send me a couple (2) profile images from your cell phone (I will tell you how to take them) first before we even begin with the test shoot - take the pictures right now with your cell phone or have someone help you and send them to me.  Please do not send me pictures from a while ago unless they were taken within the past year by a professional photographer using professional equipment and settings.  Thanks.

Image 1

Take a full face headshot (from the front ) looking at the camera directly in good light.  Do not make faces, pose or use any filters at all on the camera.  Do not use any makeup, eyeliner, eye lashes, etc.  just you.  Do not edit the image in any way, remove pimples, scars, etc.  I am trying to understand your facial type and your skin complexion.  Make sure the picture is in focus, crisp and sharp.

Image 2 

Take a full body shot - feet to head from the front.  Take it in good light wearing a tight outfit - a bathing suit or underwear is best but a tight tee and shorts is OK too.  Please do not pose in any way. Do not use filters on your camera, special effects or try to modify in any way what you look like. I am trying to see your body, posture and general appearance.  Make sure the picture is in focus, crisp and sharp.


Since an important part of modeling is also about listening to instructions, following them, and performing; this is one way I personally determine if I want to work further with you - please follow the simple directions above.  You might be surprised at how often people do not follow them - if you have trouble reading or following instructions completely it will impact your ability to secure modeling positions - it will - trust me - it is NOT enough to be pretty or handsome!


What to bring to a Test Shoot

Please bring the following to your test shoot once we have gotten the Profile Images out of the way.  If you are uncomfortable bringing and wearing these items please talk to me before you make the appointment - we'll need to be clear about how this might restrict you.

  1. Dress - light, loose, flowing if you have that
  2. Shorts and top - not denim unless that is all you have
  3. Lingerie - bra and panties, corset and panties - some combination like that
  4. Bikini - 2 piece bathing suit 

Note - you'll need shoes and possibly other accessories with each of these outfits.  If you are under 18 one of your parents MUST come with you to the shoot and I must discuss what will happen with them before it as well.  There may also be a change in the clothing for you to bring.


My number is 473 536-8638 and I am also on What's App.  Help me help you by following the instructions completely.