Non Commercial - How Much Does It Cost For A Photoshoot?


This is always a good question to get agreement and understanding on early in the process. 

Prices begin at 250 - 350 xcd for a shoot in my studio and 350 xcd and up for a shoot in an area local to Grand Anse or Lance aux Epines.  The cost of editing images is additional and dependent on the requirements you set as to quantity and depth of editing to meet your particular goals.

There may be additional cost depending on your other requirements such as for: assistants, makeup, props, location fees, extra work on the images, or extra travel.  There may be also additional costs for the Commercial Licensing of images produced.  It is best to get these types of requests handled up front before the shoot has occurred.  It is often possible for you to control costs by bringing your own helpers!

If this sounds like something you'd like to pursue; please give me a call or ask me to call you to discuss the details so we can get a better handle on costs, dates, what we both need to do to have it be a 100% success - thanks very much for the inquiry!

My contact number is (473) 536-8638 on cell, text or What's App - or email me - [email protected]m or contact me on Facebook 

The delivery from these types of shoots are not for Commercial use however that license can be provided to you under contract when required for a separate charge.

There are also a number of programs with a fixed price and set of deliverables - you are welcome of course to discuss these with us at any time.