Hi there! – This is Michael Straley the photographer. FB or IG thinks you responded to an ad for modeling and/or model training.

If this is not accurate, please just let me know and I will not follow-up.

Assuming you meant to respond to this - here is the application to work with us – the information in your response will be used to determine how serious you are about this and what your goals are. Please take your time and completely answer the questions where it asks you about this - please – there is no rush and it is to your benefit to take the time explain yourself in detail.

We want to get to know you a bit and must make some decisions about whether it makes sense for us to work with you as well! More information is usually better than too little!

Application to work with StraleyPhotography

If we decide it may be a good investment of our time to work with you the first thing we are going to want to do is a Test Shoot to see how you look and act when working w us. There is a specific format for this and specific goals we try to address that are defined in this document.

If you are a very experienced professional model with a up to date portfolio taken by professional photographers you probably will not need to do the test shoot. We’ll know this from your application.

You are asked to send us 2 pictures in advance before we set a date for the Test Shoot. Please send them soon once you have taken them - do not make a big deal about taking the two pictures - we just want to understand your facial structure and body type. Please do however follow the instructions regarding posing, makeup, etc.


This link contains info about the Test Shoot - what you should expect and what we need you to do and bring.



Oh - and btw - perhaps you are not really into becoming a model at least not right now - perhaps you just want to do that special shoot you've been thinking about - here is how to talk to me in detail about your idea on that. It may seem a bit complicated at first but if you do it you'll be more likely to get what your dream has been.

In any event thanks very much!

Michael (473) 536-8638 – my phone and what’s app – if there are questions in advance