Women's Fashion Wardrobe Suggestions


Models who are responsible for their own wardrobe should bring a selection including the following - let us know specifically if you will NOT be bringing a type we have asked for

  • Gown/formal dress
  • Party Dress
  • Business clothing - Dress. Suit,
  • Sundress - super cute
  • Great tops with pants and/or shorts
  • Short shorts - colors and white - with short top
  • Jeans tight ones - if you have embroidery or glitter/rhinestones bring that pair - please do not bring torn and tattered or dirty unless we have discussed - you need to have a great top if wearing jeans
  • Lingerie -  lacy rather than padded, colors or white rather than skin tone - also chemise, corset etc.
  • Swimsuit
  • Men's style button down shirt
  • Thin tea shirt - fitting tightly - no lettering on it please - can have sleeves or not
  • Robes, fabrics for wrapping and waving in the breeze
  • Jackets, blazer, raincoats, hats, scarves


It is super  great if you bring multiple items of the same thing so we have a choice!  Different colors, styles or cuts



Before coming -


  • Begin pulling your wardrobe together  a week early if possible filling up your suitcase so it is not last minute and nothing is left behind
  • Try on all garments to make sure they fit properly and are not in need of repair
  • Iron everything that would need it and pack it carefully
  • Do not forget shoes, belts, jewelry, other props such as hats, stockings etc.  There is a long list in how to prepare for a photoshoot that includes props - please review and follow it!


When you arrive  -


You will lay out your clothes and we will discuss each item in detail, make choices on what to shoot for the day, and the order that we will do it - this will allow us to have short wardrobe changes – think about what you are bringing – some of the items need something else to make them work – for instance there is a pretty and cute top – but no shorts (or whatever) to go with it - make sure you bring that too!


Just to be clear - this really is up to you!


If you do a great job on the wardrobe you will have more flexibility when working the shoot and there is a greater likelihood that your images will be more interesting.  


Do not spend lots of money!  

Do borrow things from your sister and friends.  

Do make sure it all fits, pull it together beforehand.  

Do bring other accessories like scarves and hats - there is a list I have provided - use it!