Cancellation Policy - applies to all photoshoot engagements 

This is my photoshoot cancellation policy - it applies to ALL StraleyPhotography photoshoots canceled or missed by a model - or cancelled by me because you are super late in showing for the agreed upon time   

For the sake of absolute clarity - This policy applies to all photoshoots - even if I am for some reason NOT charging you for my work.

When you stand me up or actually have the common courtesy to cancel a shoot within 24 hours of the agreed upon timeline there is a significant impact to me as the photographer and often to others such as the makeup artist, the designer or assistants.  Since you as the model are absolutely 100% responsible for keeping your agreements it is your responsibility to take actions to "make it right".  I agree that perhaps your baby sitter should have ... whatever , or that it is too bad that you got sick or had to work at the last minute - but ultimately it is your problem to schedule and have alternatives available - just like it is mine on my end.

If you cancel within 24 hours of the shoot or if you simply do not show up there is a minimum of $100 charge to you to cover my time and my efforts so far.  This does not count any additional expenses such as makeup or other persons that I must pay even if they do not work!  If they need to be paid by me - I always pay for my responsibilities - you need to reimburse me for my time and additionally for any costs I have in paying other people or for any props, licenses etc. that we have had to take out.

This means that if you do not show for a "free" shoot that you will owe me money.  I hope this is clear to you! I do not want to make money this way.

If you do not agree with this policy cancel the shoot NOW.  Go find someone else to work with.  Or better yet - just keep your word and show up prepared, on-time, and ready to work - this is what you committed to do anyway when you made the agreement for the shoot.  Just like I did when I agreed to work with you at a specific time and place.

What if you do not pay me - well I am not going to take you to court - I will not however work with you again if you do not do the right thing on this.  If another photographer does ask me about you I may chose to let them know about the problem between us - maybe not but I might.

I will charge you 10% interest per month or part of month after the first 30 days if you do not pay - this means your debt will increase each month until it is taken care of.

To be clear - I do NOT wish to have anyone have to pay the cancellation fee - for any reason - I also do not want anyone to stand me up or take advantage of my time and efforts to provide a highly professional photography experience to you.  I want to make great images and have a great partner in place to do this with - you!


Please do not disappoint!  That's the ultimate plan for sure.