What I am Looking for in a MUA is Partnership in Making the Shoot


The model must be relaxed and enjoy you – you are the first person they will interact with – often they are nervous or scared.  Job 1 is to help them overcome this, relax and have fun. If there is an issue you do not feel you can help them address please let me know immediately.

Dependable, on-time, and flexible – The work cannot start without you – so if you are late, not prepared, or a no show everything stops and waits or is cancelled.  If you will be late you need to contact me via phone immediately – before you are late.  If an emergency happens and you cannot make it you must contact me immediately and preferably provide a suggestion on who can cover for you – contact them yourself – take care of me and do not leave me hanging.

Look over the model before we start – check – her nails – hand and toes, check her legs and other areas for hair.  Be prepared to put on polish, trim or pluck eye brows and sideburns if necessary however notify me if they showed up without this stuff done properly.  If this adds significantly to your work effort let me know and I will compensate you for it.   

If they have significant scars someplace that might be visible please discuss this with me right up front.

The model’s face, neck and chest need to be the same color and shade when you are done – this is your job for sure.  I do not want a light face with a darker neck or chest even if that is their natural condition in some way.

You are first to concentrate on covering blemishes, scars, and color variations in the skin – then add any color, lashes etc.

Do not darken under the eyes- I will have to remove it via Photoshop if you do.

Please do not use sparkles unless we discuss them first – they often reflect light intensely and look like a hole in the image

I am contracting with you – if someone else begins to give you instructions that differ significantly from mine let me know immediately – I do not want you to change my expectations of what you will deliver to me and I do not want you to be in the middle of a disagreement.

I want you to be part of my team for success – if there is a suggestion, a hint or if you notice something is not right please take me aside and let me know – I look for valued partners to use over and over again - not just a one-time contractor.

I will tag you in most if not all posts and in all magazine or other publications that permit this.  I would ask you to actively participate with me by liking the posts and making comments yourself, sharing the images you like etc.  Help me get more business and I will be able to afford to use you!  I would like you to pay attention to any posts of mine you are tagged in and react in some way.

After you have finished work for me review the model in her first change of clothing and stay in the shoot for at least 5 minutes to make sure the makeup works with the camera/lighting – or if I am paying to you stay for the entire shoot of course then stay.

If you know someone or organization looking for a photographer please actively recommend me to them and show them my work.  We need to promote each other.

Besides your basic makeup kit I would expect you to have at least the following

3 - 4 shades of lipstick

3 – 4 shades of nail polish

Nail polish remover

Tools to pluck and/or shave eye brows and sideburns

Eye lashes