What's a modeling Session with StraleyPhotography like?  I have always been interested in trying something like this

I can help bring out the best in a person re their modeling - real professional modeling is challenging work and requires discipline and focus as well as taking some risk - having people scrutinize you intensely, redoing a pose over and over again until the photographer is satisfied, making clothing look like a million bucks that may not quite fit and is pinned together and is clipped together in the back , etc.

If you would like to schedule a session with me we can talk about costs and how you would have to prepare for best success.  During the time with me I will instruct you on my 5 basic (but not necessarily simple) rules on how to look like a model when posing and help you strike poses using the rules.  Your success is up to you, the clothing you wear and your attitude about being in the present!

I have information to share that can get the right person off to a strong start so you can let me know and we would discuss details and then set something up - the cost is 250 xcd for sessions held during the week in my home studio and includes the session with me and professional makeup in my studio against a white fashion wall.  You would receive 5 or more images made during the session for your personal use. 

The session would be held in my home in Lance aux Epines by appointment which usually begins at 12 noon and ends by 5PM.

There is no guarantee at all that you would become eligible to "be" a paid model just to be clear. 


Here are some short answers to some general questions I have been asked about my basic session - if you have other questions please let me know.


Your question might be

My General Answer 

Minimum age

18 - with few exceptions - I have shot people who are older than 70

Do you have a website



Or check me out on FB https://www.facebook.com/michael.straley.35

Will the images be mine to modify and use

They will be yours to use for personal use on FB, email - framed on your bureau at home, etc. 

You may NOT modify them in any way.  I offer other options that will allow other uses - for a different rate and setup - ask me about it if interested.

You may share them with friends, spouses, and mom of course.


Commercial use licensing is available - just talk to me about it.

Will the images from the session be private

No probably not - The basic session images will be posted on my FB wall if I desire to and possibly on my website and other places. 

I offer privacy and other treatments options for a different rate and setup- ask me about it if interested - before the session.

Will I be able to have my friend in the images with me

No - that is not available in the basic session but is available in a different one. You may bring a chaperon if you have some concerns however - just talk to me about this first please.

I am shy about showing my body

I would recommend that you do not do a session with me unless you can come to terms with this - it is OK and natural to be nervous. I can totally help with that.

To be clear - this session includes lingerie, bathing suits and some skimpy attire. 

Your body will be on display and should be looking sensual and hot no matter who you are, age etc.  I will see most of your body, if not all of it, during the session and while editing the images.  

If there is a family member who would seriously object to this please talk to me about it - I am serious - people can be weird and object to the smallest things - do not mess up your relationships without making it your decison!

Many people will tell you this is great fun, highly sensual from time to time and a wonderful experience - I get feedback from almost every model - perhaps you should read some of it!

Can I see some samples of your recent work

Sure - look at my FB wall - I post 1 - 3 images there daily. https://www.facebook.com/michael.straley.35


Will you tell me what to bring and how to prep for the shoot

YES absolutely


You will receive wardrobe instructions in writing and information on how to prepare for work with me.  You need this information to ensure success so I have made the effort to provide clear and consistent messages that will help you be successful

What does it cost

In Grenada the cost of a Basic Session is 250 and includes makeup from a professional.  The deliverable is 5 or more images.  I have other types of services and sessions - the cost will vary depending on your requirements.

Can I have the images you do not select


I do not permit images to be distributed that I have not edited.  You will also be asked NOT to take selfie or other shots while there.

Do you have a general agenda/plan for the Basic Session


  • You will arrive

  • We will go through your wardrobe together selecting 5 - 7 "looks" from the clothing you brought with you

  • Makeup will be applied by a professional

  • We will work together for 2 - 3 hours - mostly against a white wall finishing outside in or around the pool area

  • You leave - I work on editing the images - usually I deliver 5 images in a two week period.

I want to shoot at a different location

Fine, but that is not a Basic Session - provide me with the details and we will figure it out together, impact to costs, assistants, time of day etc.

I want to make "personal images" with my boyfriend/spouse

Not a problem but that is a different session - talk to me about your ideas, I can share experience with other similar sessions.  Just be clear with me so I am not guessing please.

Do you shoot weddings

No - I am not your guy. 

I am sure your mom is nice but on that day I do not want to be around her - just kidding (kind of anyway).

Do you have satisfied references

Yes - many of them - check them on my web site blog feedback or http://www.straleyphotography.com/what-our-clients-say

Or if you know them personally, ask one of the people in the individual images on my FB page for some feedback on their recent session with me. 

I am highly confident they will be happy to share with you some of their feelings and details.

Will I make big money as a model

I would doubt it - it is super competitive and highly unusual to make serious money.  You may make a small sum from time to time.  I am not being negative and who knows you may be the next top model - some have shot with me.  A number of models have been featured in international magazines after working with me!  So that is exciting!

Do this session for the experience and training and count on fun and some lovely memories for down the line.

The Basic Session is an excellent idea to feel what it is like to be a professional model and to be treated as one in a safe and planned environment.

Don't settle for less than the best experience!

Will you do this for free - other photographers say they will

Possibly - what unique value can you bring to this?  I shoot beautiful women almost every day so it has to be more than that - just saying….

On the other hand - Do you barter for haircuts, food and other services too - does your doctor or attorney expect to be paid?  Do you want to shoot with me knowing what my quality is like or with someone else?

What if I cancel or change the date

Depending on when this happens there may be some expense involved if I can not schedule someone else in to fill your spot.  In this case the cost to you is 100 EC plus any other expenses we have paid for your specific shoot - special props for you etc.


Good and to be expected - contact me at (473) 536-8638 or ping me on FB or What's App -  ask away, use complete sentences with minimal jargon - thanks - I get confused easily!