Images of AshleeB in our second shoot together.

She is feeling a bit melancholy and lonely - some interesting emotions. AshleeB is a busy and focused individual – this time she came alone and worked hard to open up and let us see her moods and expressions.

Since last year she has become a pole dancer and was walking around on crazy high heels - maybe 9" heels - making them look like they were a good thing. She is 5'3" so with the heels becomes close to 6'. The heels really make her legs stretch - sorry can't show them but you get the picture I am sure!

Wardrobe by Holly Gordon, MUA Maisoon Yousef. Great job – thanks to all.

Nice display of wardrobe and as always Holly is wonderful and helpful. This was my first time with Maisoon who came highly recommended – I was really pleased with the work she did, her energy and helpfulness. I would recommend her to anyone and am working with her again this weekend!
Best of luck Maisoon with your baby (soon to be coming).
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