StraleyPhotography Basic Fashion Shoot 

My basic intro shoot or session (a first time photo session to train a model in posing and basic presentation) in Grenada is 250 xcd and is held in my home studio in L'Anse aux Epine.  In this session we simulate a real fashion shoot and focus on postures, poses, and working the garments.  Unless you are an extremely experienced model I strongly recommend that you do this session with me to further your career.  

Purpose and Focus of this Shoot

The purpose of this shoot is training and development of the Model rather than an extreme focus on making a world class image - if you would prefer to focus on making an image and eliminate the training aspect please notify me in advance - that is a different photoshoot!

After this session we would have the opportunity to determine if a more advanced photography session would be valuable for each of us. For the record there are 2 other sessions that follow - one focused on body, dance, flowing with the wind and the other on sensuality and sexuality.  The three together complete the basic training I offer and will  provide a wide range of experience, some great images and a lot of publicity for the model on FB and other social media. Here is what the first of the 3 sessions (the Basic Fashion Shoot) is about.

For this session I provide a makeup artist, and instruction to the model throughout the shoot.  This generally takes a total of 4 - 5 hours of which approximately 1 1/2 hours is makeup and wardrobe/shoot planning and safety.  I also provide several information types of lists in advance to the model - one with the types of clothing to bring and one with information on how to prepare for a shoot. It is important that you review and make use of this information.

From this shoot the model receives a minimum of 5 images for their personal use via a download from my web site - usually within 2 weeks. I may post some of these images over time on my FB wall and will place all of them on my website in a personal page created for the model.  Please note - the images provided are for personal use - they may not be edited or used for commercial use but could for instance be used for a portfolio presentations and can certainly be used on the model's and their friends FB or other social media pages.

The location of the shoot is on Mt Hartman Rd in L'Anse aux Epines in a home my wife and I own and are renovating to include a formal photography studio.  There is indoor space, outdoor space and areas of garden and pool we can use.  I will provide written directions once you have confirmed you will do the work with me.  You will have to get there yourself in some manner.  You will need to arrive on time and the session may take a total of 5 hours to complete.

This shoot is one of the following model training shoots:

  1. Basic Fashion Shoot
  2. Blowing in the Wind
  3. Lingerie Shoot

You must be 18 or older to participate in this shoot or bring one of your parents with you to this shoot.  I must speak to them before the shoot to make certain that they approve of this if you are under 18.

Some sample images from a recent Basic Fashion Shoots.  Could this be you?

Charlane George 2015 02 19 - 0127-EditCharlane George 2015 02 19 - 0127-Edit Charlane George 2015 02 19 - 0240Charlane George 2015 02 19 - 0240

Jorge Suarez Martinez 2016 04 29 - 0223Jorge Suarez Martinez 2016 04 29 - 0223

Teyanna Modeste 2016 04 28 - 0042Teyanna Modeste 2016 04 28 - 0042

Shonel Lewis - 2016 02 22 - 0008Shonel Lewis - 2016 02 22 - 0008 Shonel Lewis - 2016 02 22 - 0082-EditShonel Lewis - 2016 02 22 - 0082-Edit Shonel Lewis - 2016 02 22 - 0103Shonel Lewis - 2016 02 22 - 0103