Blowing in the Wind

This shoot is the second in my series of workshops to assist models in developing their skills.

The Blowing in the Wind shoot focuses on cloth wrapped around a body which may also be blowing in the wind.  The shoot develops and shows gentleness, poise, grace and complimentary facial expressions such feelings as vulnerability, sensuality and wonder.

The shoot is done with a nude model who is wrapped in cloth but the emphasis is not on showing nudity.  I have a large number of cloth wraps of various colors, thicknesses, and textures – or we can use something the model provides as well.  Some of the cloth is heavy and not at all see-thru and some of it is very light and really almost transparent - the choice is completely up to the model.  

This shoot is held in a fairly private place such as a home, my studio or the grounds around it, a beach with limited people, etc.  A location with steady winds is also a great benefit.  We often do it around water (or even in water).

In reality, during a photoshoot the Model is often called upon to generate and show feelings – this takes specific practice to do well and on demand of the photographer – this shoot allows the Model the time and space to try out the expression of various emotions as well as getting comfortable with the sensuality and vulnerability of being naked under the cloth-wrap.  The effort to control the cloth, look graceful and show feelings all at the same time can be a challenge but is one that many women seem to enjoy a whole lot!  I suggest that you will benefit from practice beforehand with a sheet or large scarf or parrieu.

Models who have a dance or theatrical background seem to do especially well with this one!  The cost of this shoot is 350 xcd.  The model will receive 5 - 8 images and postings on their page on my website with selected poses posted on FB.  We are trying to make beautiful images in this session/

This shoot is one of the following model training shoots:

  1. Basic Fashion Shoot
  2. Blowing in the Wind
  3. Lingerie Shoot

You must be 18 or older to participate in this shoot even if you are not the model.

Some sample images from a recent Blowing in the Wind Shoot with Kimisha, Stacey and a number of others.  Could this be you?




                            Click Here for a video of sample images and a discussion


Stacey Andrew 2019 11 21 - 0393Stacey Andrew 2019 11 21 - 0393




Niki Brathwaite - 2019 05 15 - 0148-EditNiki Brathwaite - 2019 05 15 - 0148-Edit

Kimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0113-EditKimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0113-Edit Kimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0221-EditKimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0221-Edit Kimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0312-EditKimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 - 0312-Edit Kimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 -compositeKimisha Peters - 2017 06 16 -composite