Welcome to the Boudoir section of the StraleyPhotography web site.

I have opened this section of the website up to provide people options in understanding what Boudoir photography is, how it looks as opposed to other types of photography and to ask if they’d be interested it trying it out.
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What is boudoir – it sounds exotic!
Basically boudoir is a French word that means woman’s bedroom or private room. Images generally include lingerie and I include draped cloth as well.

Do the people have to be nude?
Absolutely not – there is no pressure to do anything or be anything you are not wanting to be – you will be in intimate wear of some kind however and no one but you has to ever see it if you do not want that.

Why, what might I enjoy about it?
There are a number of reasons someone might want to do a session – here are some of them – some are from other photographers, I agree with all of them.
  1. You’ll look amazing with great makeup, hair, nails and lovely lingerie
  2. It makes a great gift for your spouse or special friend or just for yourself to remember the time - Christmas is not too far off!
  3. You are already getting gussied, losing weight, or preparing for the wedding or special day – add boudoir photographs to commemorate it and what you did to get there
  4. Make it a girl’s day out – bring several friend and book several back to back sessions
  5. It will empower you – you will see how gorgeous you really are
  6. Celebrate a milestone – getting ready for the big one, just got the new relationship or job, worried you might be sagging a bit in the future
  7. For the absolute fun of it – you can wear what you want, act the way you want without judgement and purchase memories to carry you into your future
  8. Gain the self-confidence to love who you are right now, to celebrate the beautiful you
  9. It’s a great excuse to go shopping – need we discuss this further?

What does boudoir look like?
Here are some examples of images I have taken that I’d consider boudoir – please review them – can you see yourself in some of these? Which are your favorites? https://www.straleyphotography.com/boudoir

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