I was fortunate to be shooting at the Southern Women's Show in Jacksonville over 4 days during the weekend of October 23rd. During the show one of the most exciting fashion designers - wonderful displays of fabric, texture, color and style; was presented by Chabri - Jennifer Chabri. A wide variety of models wore her designs - all looked great.

Jennifer Chabri is incredibly gifted and is highly capable of pulling together the many facets necessary to display many pieces - I was blown away by what I saw - so much so that I made an additional trip back on Sunday to shoot her designs again!

I hope you like them too!

Jennifer can be reached here - a good place to look for further information!

I sincerely hope to work with her again - I hope you are listening Jennifer!

I have taken many of the close-in shots from the second show (Sundays show) and have cropped them - made them more of the glamour type/look without all the smoothing and blemish removal. It gives you also a chance to see some of the wonderful attention to detail that Jennifer has - lovely seams, great materials, draping of cloth that has lots of texture - I just cannot say enough about it. The runway shots from Saturday and Sunday are presented next. They are quite fun, show the models strutting their stuff and the clothes they are wearing flowing along - creating quite the impression.

At the end of the day on Sunday I was whooping and hollering as some of her models walked - I could not help myself!

The makeup and hair people did an outstanding job - I appreciate all of their creativity and hard work - it shows! Artists indeed.

One of differences between shooting runway and regular glamour work is that the models are basically moving most of the time and additionally in this case, the lights and the colors, shadows and the other spectators were tough to shoot through! So motion blur, changing lights, shadows, and colored lights flashing out of control all require some magic to get through. I did my best to do that. If you see a blue or red spot on someone's head it is not the laser sight on a sniper rifle.

I had a great time and enjoyed meeting the many people involved - what a lot of great energy - please definitely look at the shot of everyone - wow! A whole lot of women, color, and style - just saying I like it a lot!

Models attending - please contact me if desiring to work on a portfolio or to help with other ideas - I do not know who many of you are. Also please refer me to friends in need as well.

Thanks in advance for this.
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