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ChelseaD is a fashion designer here locally and a very strong personality. When ChelseaD enters the room the energy intensifies the lights get brighter and the music a bit louder!!

She is great to work with as a model - the photographers dream - full of energy and life - and surprisingly willing to follow direction too. She comfortable in her space - and in mine too - we had a great day of work that extended late into the night.

She is a larger woman - a size 14 and designs clothes for women like her - she looks great, models great, and is proud to be a woman - all woman! She also designs for smaller women so no tears should be shed - talk to her!

Enjoy her images - look her up if you need clothing custom designed - at rack prices. Contact her here

There are a number of her fashions on the site under the fashion section if you want to check them out - we have some very good designers in Jacksonville! I will get them sorted out so you know who did what soon.

Thanks as always for stopping by. I am looking for more work in the fashion industry - please contact me if I can be of help to you - startups are good!
Waiting for the busChelsea 2011 07 30 -1_MSS1838_MSS1844Chelsea 2011 07 30 -26Attention to detailConcentrate_MSS1849Chelsea 2011 07 30 -16_MSS1852Chelsea 2011 07 30 -21Chelsea 2011 07 30 -22Chelsea 2011 07 30 -24Chelsea 2011 07 30 -29Chelsea 2011 07 30 -37Chelsea 2011 07 30 -39Red shoes and fur coatsLadder pinup_MSS2309