Very fun day - very cool people, great weather, wonderful Harley Davidson dealership - I hope you all will like remembering the day through these images.

I will be donating any proceeds of sales of the image or pictures to the Cops Ride survivors through David - so feel free to download the images or print them - it is for a worthy cause.

If you would like an image cleaned up before purchase - cropped, whatever - something specific is bothering you - please contact me and let me know - I'm happy to help!

More on my photography style can be learned from browsing through the site - mostly I shoot people - beauty and glamour work especially - of individuals and couples. I also do a lot of work for the 26.2 - with Donna Foundation - they do a lot for women who have breast cancer - a great organization of you are a runner, jogger or walker - or if you want to help defeat Breast Cancer.

Please let me know if you need a photographer! Contact Michael

I am always looking for referrals and corporate work as well. If you like these images or the others on my site please do refer me - I also do private work for commercial clients, small weddings and events, and for one university locally. Feel free to link to this site on FaceBook or from other sites - make comments, generate excitment - whatever!

Thank you for allowing me to shoot - it's my favorite thing to do.
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